SA’s IoT.nxt Develops Social Distancing Solution for Retailers, Offices

TalkIoT April 2020

A South African innovator in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, IoT.nxt, has developed a solution that will make it possible for companies and retailers to manage social distancing and control the number of people at a facility in real-time.

The product, known as Covision, is currently being tested at various supermarkets in Pretoria.

Furthermore, IoT.nxt’s office in The Netherlands is in discussion with a retailer in The Hague for a test site in that city.

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IoT transforms management of intelligent cell sites

Intelligent Cell Sites

ITWeb Africa April 2020

The introduction of IOT technology at 3 800 cell sites (also known as base transceiver stations) delivered energy savings similar to 1 130 vehicles not being driven for a full year, after only two months since implementation.

This energy saving is but one benefit IOT delivers to create an intelligent cell site. It also transforms the asset management and predictive maintenance processes and several other aspects of site management.

The energy savings that IOT implementation can deliver will be a significant benefit in years ahead as companies continue to watch costs closely and develop and drive new strategies to limit or reduce environmental impact.

Market Watch estimates there are currently 12 million base stations worldwide and that 6.5 million 5G base stations are likely to be added by 2025.

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Smart buildings beyond HVAC, access control and lighting


ITWeb Africa April 2020

New applications and the introduction of new technology in smart buildings is expected to grow at 32% per annum to create more than $2 billion in revenue by 2026.

This is the estimate by global research company ABI Research in a report released earlier this year.

“There is growing interest from building managers, property developers and occupants of buildings to drive efficiencies and deliver a new kind of work environment. IOT technology is ideally suited to provide that,” says Terje Moen, Co-Founder and Business Development: Operations at IoT.nxt.

Moen notes the scope beyond management of HVAC, access control and lighting is big. Building owners and managers can now improve the operation of a building by introducing:

  • Workspace analytics and optimisation;
  • Meeting rooms and hot desk utilisation and optimisation;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Energy management;
  • Asset management; and
  • Building management.

In South Africa, IoT.nxt developed a smart building solution for Vodacom at its campus in Midrand and completed a large-scale smart building for Vodafone in Paddington, London, last month.

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