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The IoT.nxt Difference

How can you efficiently collect data across multiple devices, then streamline that data in a user-friendly, horizontal view of your entire business operation? The answer is faster, (and cheaper), then you think – IoT.nxt.

Every minute saved in your business, whether it’s in producing, monitoring, maintenance or management is money saved. IoT.nxt is ready to implement a next-gen platform that can increase your company’s efficiency, productivity and cement a stronghold in the ever-changing marketplace, aiding future-relevance and organisation-wide efficiency.

What sets us apart



  • Horizontal integration of islands of digitalization
  • Unified, integrated IoT platform
  • Non-discretionary, dynamic business decision support
  • Agile, scalable deployment

Rapid Deployment

  • Simple customization of full-stack product suite
  • API-led integration methodology
  • Ability to remain agile, disrupt industries
  • Unprecedented ROI

Tech Agnostic

  • Leverage off existing infrastructure
  • Future-proof digital transformation strategies
  • Enable best-of-breed technology
  • Create immediate business process impact

Unlock real value, no matter the industry

At IoT.nxt, we don’t rip and replace. We overlay our IoT platform to leverage your existing tech, protecting the structure you’ve already built. IoT.nxt technology is equipped to handle the toughest of landscapes. Whether it’s amongst the rubble in the mines, amid the machines in manufacturing, settled in the mud, working fast in high-stakes healthcare, or working hard in smart buildings – our IoT solution is ready for anything.

Employing a tech agnostic state-of-mind means we accept your current platform from the device to hardware level and enterprise to cloud. By deploying solutions ready for any tech challenge, our platform inspires future-proof digitised strategies, keeping your business at the front of the game for years to come.

Your business in the palm of your hand

The IoT.nxt solution addresses the core issues barring your business from reaching and reaping the benefits of next-gen interconnectivity and interoperability. With IoT.nxt, you can keep an eye on the integral parts that make up your business from the palm of your very hand. After our system collects real-time data from a variety of sources, it consolidates this information to provide a single horizontal view of your supply chain, from top to bottom.

Creating interoperability across your value chain is an integral part of our IoT solution and the key to delivering the deep insights you need. Watch your business grow with big data on your side, unlocking the potential of your future and beyond.

Meet the team

We’re a community of dreamers and innovators that break the mould. Meet the minds behind IoT.nxt.

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