Security for your farm – use case


Vertical: Agriculture

Business Unit: Security

Problem: The client identified a few key areas for optimisation, live auditing, security and problem escalation at a grain silo.

IoT.nxt Solution: By implementing IoT on the front end weighbridge system and utilising the data to match back to the actual trucks going through the flow, we were able to match the truck to the exact grain load that was picked up or dispatched in real-time. This eliminated the potential for theft or losses.

As a scalable solution, the next phase of the project included a layer which would optimise security. Black screen technology eliminated the “human factor” where crucial information was going missing. Further to this, a workflow was be added to alert necessary departments or devices, thus creating a better ecosystem for the security solution. Blacklisted trucks and vehicles are also now detected when in the vicinity of the silo.

Result: Massflow was increased once there was live data to match end-to-end grain flow in the silo. In addition, by enabling our client to detect unwanted vehicles on the premise and matching trucks with the grain loads dispatched, the risk of theft and losses were reduced significantly. By helping reduce theft and loss for over 60 grain silos across South Africa, we were able to save our client millions of rands in losses.