The agricultural sector is stuck in the mud

Ever-increasing demand in a highly competitive sector pushes technology to the forefront for farmers. Knowing how a farm, and all the components that, collectively, make up its ecosystem, are functioning and developing at all times is more important than ever. We’ve seen how technology can positively impact agriculture, specifically autonomous equipment and bio-farming practices.

The stumbling block for many farmers now is bringing all their technology, systems and devices together into one interconnected system, to cut out time spend dealing with various vendors and unlock the full value of their operation.

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Digitised value and supply chains allowing for produce to be tracked and traced from source to retail shelf, delivering quality control and the ability to immediately identify problem areas at production source.

By connecting all legacy machinery warehousing and packaging plants can be more productive and efficient.

Use of power, management of irrigation, pumps, dam levels, water required at production plants are all aspects of energy use that can be managed in real time and changed seamlessly for exceptional cost savings and improved efficiency.

Tracking of livestock to monitor health and feeding patterns.