Asset Tracking

How intelligent is your business?

It’s one thing to be able to manage a fleet from collection, right through until delivery.  Tying that data in with fuel levels, both in the fleet and stored, production levels, supply and demand and your bottom line takes an organisation to a whole new level. Every change to productivity in your business, no matter how small, contributes to increased profitability.

We think our IoT solution is the answer to unlocking that change.

As industries are driven to do more with less, asset tracking will become more important than ever.

Monitoring maintenance, performance and location are all top of mind for anyone managing an asset intensive business, or reliant on one.

From improved inventory accuracy to compliance with industry mandates, our IoT solution can be overlaid onto your existing infrastructure to minimise disruptions. Once implemented, agility and fast reactivity to weather, market prices and even local traffic conditions begin to increase productivity.

Real-time tracking helps ensure that maintenance of fixed and mobile assets is scheduled, resulting in minimal downtime, and, where possible, avoiding major breakdowns and productivity stoppages as a result of component failure.

Complete visibility of all assets, delivery schedules and progress, and digital evidence bags help track and trace products from factory floor to final delivery and monitor system performance across the business.

Enables the deployment of fleets and service teams automatically and remotely, optimising supply chains and preventing production downtime by monitoring. Reduces loss of valuable and returnable assets as well as misuse by creating complete visibility of all assets.

Accurately track assets along the entire supply chain, particularly in the case of unanticipated breakdown or loss, provide preventative maintenance and damage monitoring, optimise process efficiency and track people during emergency drills and evacuations.