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Department: IT and Engineering

Location: Centurion, Pretoria

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Job Title/Reporting to

Firmware Engineer reporting to the CTO located in Centurion, Pretoria (Remote work possible)

Job Purpose

In this opportunity, you will be exposed to new and cutting edge, interesting projects. Our current tech stack runs on ARM Cortex M4 or similar, with ARM MBED OS. We have developed a cool architecture around this, so you will have to get into the nitty gritty of multithreading, all sorts of sensor integration and gadgets that are almost guaranteed not to be available in the run-of-the mill company. If you have worked with an RTOS, C++, and Altium/KiCAD (not required), you will love this opportunity. If you like bits/bytes/Hex, we will be interested. You will also work to prevent glitches in software and ensure everything runs smoothly updating technology and its hardware to work well with updates in the company’s back-end systems – which are also regarded as a tech frontrunner globally. You will work in a small team of experts.

Key Result Areas (Major Accountabilities)

  • Design and develop firmware for products and services
  • Perform design and code reviews and recommend improvements
  • Perform testing to validate product architecture and design
  • Collaborate with other engineers on technical and design issues
  • Develop firmware algorithms to handle exceptional conditions and errors
  • Install and verify the firmware on embedded system

Knowledge, Skills, Experience


  • Exhibit knowledge of hardware
  • Exhibit knowledge on engineering principles


  • GIT for source control
  • Testing
  • Solid algorithm and development skills
  • ARM Cortex M-series or similar knowledge (ST an advantage)
  • C/C++
  • Good knowledge of RTOS & Multithreading. ARM MBED OS an advantage
  • Protocols like TTL Serial, RS485, SPI, I2C, CANbus, RF (example BLE)
  Professional Experience:
  • Between 3-5 years relevant experience
  Educational Background:
  • University degree required
  •  B.Eng. (Electronic Engineering) or Computer Engineering degree preferred

Values and Behaviours:

  • We are honest and respect each other.
  • We challenge issues but honour commitments.
  • We believe that innovation is a way of life.
  • We have a passion to win; a freedom to fail; but only once for the same reason.
  • We take responsibility for our actions; we are accountable for achieving results and we take ownership of our mistakes.
  • We do the right thing for the right reason.
  • We are part of the solution, not part of the problem.
  • We are fearless with nerves of steel.
  • We believe in teamwork and partnership.
  • We are diverse yet united.
  • We are involved yet independent.
  • We believe in learning and continuous improvement.

Remuneration & Benefits:

  • Annual Salary Cost to Company (CTC)
  • Wellness Programs
  • Flexible / Remote Working when practical
  • 1 Full day off on your birthday (no influence on leave)
  • 1 half day per month off whenever you need it (no influence on leave)

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