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Department: IT and Engineering

Location: Centurion, Pretoria

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Job Title/Reporting to

Integration Specialist - Electronics Engineer reporting to the Team Lead located in Centurion, Pretoria All Electronic Engineers report to Electronic Team Leads. All Electronic Team Leads report to the Hardware Integration Manager.

Job Purpose

Electronics or Electrical engineers use their knowledge to integrate IoT.nxt technology into mining equipment and plant controllers etc. The purpose of this role is to design, plan, perform research, inspect equipment, integrate, and liaise with others on IoT projects in our heavy industries vertical. This role will also involve onsite tasks on POC and POV projects (this will include international travel).


  • Electronic fundamentals
  • Schematics and Electrical drawings comprehension
  • Protocol comprehension (Modbus, J1939, CANopen, MQTT, TCP/UDP)
  • Interface comprehension (RS485, RS232, CANbus, Ethernet)
  • Basic Network understanding (IP, ports, Firewalls)
  • SCADA (Wonderware, WinCC, Simatic)

Values and Behaviours:

  • We are honest and respect each other.
  • We challenge issues but honour commitments.
  • We believe that innovation is a way of life.
  • We have a passion to win; a freedom to fail; but only once for the same reason.
  • We take responsibility for our actions; we are accountable for achieving results and we take
  • ownership of our mistakes.
  • We do the right thing for the right reason.
  • We are part of the solution, not part of the problem.
  • We are fearless with nerves of steel.
  • We believe in teamwork and partnership.
  • We are diverse yet united.
  • We are involved yet independent.
  • We believe in learning and continuous improvement

Remuneration & Benefits:

  • Annual Salary CTC
  • Wellness Programs 
  • Flexible / Remote Working

Educational Background:

  • N.Dip. Electronic/Electrical Engineering
  • Post graduate degree or similar preferred.

Professional experience:

  • Electrical/Electronic engineering
  • Mining environment PLC and SCADA systems
  • Protocol implementation
  • Industrial Mobile vehicles
  • Industrial Plants
  • IT – Basic network
  • Software – Basic C#


  • Understand the mining environment and rules
  • Take control of situations and accomplish assigned objectives
  • Initiate research and recommend technologies, tools, methods, and processes to increase effectiveness and delivery pace/quality.
  • Understanding of the technology relevant to the capability.
  • Co-ordination with other teams to deliver and implement enhanced capabilities.
  • Ability to interpret architecture principles into designed and deployable / usable solutions.
  • Identify operational risks within the capability area. Have a large knowledge base on industry best practises and have experience in implementing them
  • Identify and mitigate operational risks within the capability area. Demonstrates ability to lead discussions and takes appropriate actions to overcome any potential barriers. Close co-ordination with Architecture to ensure that designs, standards, and quality can be implemented within their function.
  • Takes responsibility to ensure a high level of security on systems and understands that failing to do so puts the whole company at risk.
  • Experienced Mining skills. Capable of understanding and implementing innovative and new mining solutions and taking the technical lead with teams to implement.
  • In depth technical knowledge of application functionality and architecture.
  • Has a good understanding of the underlining design principles, best practises impose on designs and as such have good judgement of when to deviate from then and when to enforce them.
  • Has a good understanding of the broader IoT.nxt business, the importance of global technology relevance/trends and awareness of appropriate technologies that would suit our varying customer bases.

Delivery Capability:

  • Understand and adhere to a common way of working across the Hardware engineering team. Analyse and document requirements using various technology tools and techniques.
  • Takes accountability for delivering quality.
  • Adherence to the principle of longevity of all software and hardware that will be deployed or incorporated into systems that are provided by the company. Proper and regular backups of all documentation (internal and external software, systems, and integration).
  • Assist to troubleshoot technical problems.
  • Professional approach to time, costs, quality of work, and deadlines.
  • Proactively looking for ways to keep all time productive and will use non-client time for personal training, internal projects, and administrative tasks.
  • Share responsibility for planning and delivering team activities.
  • Provides technical/specialist direction to team members.
  • Manage problems and major Incidents.
  • Frequently guides others on use of technology, providing clarity and direction on how technology can be used more simply and to IoT.nxt's advantage.
  • The ability to motivate and inspire others to achieve challenging goals.
  • Drives/demonstrates innovation within the department in accordance with IoT.nxt goals and objectives.
  • Capable of conceiving, designing, and delivering highly innovative solutions to problems.
  • Capable of being parachuted into any initiative/project struggling technically to offer skills advice and to help the technical direction of the team back on track.
  • Demonstrates that they fully understand any legislative requirements within their domain and understands best working practices to ensure compliance. Expectation that they would have relationships within relevant legal bodies.
  • Can point to achievements that have made a significant impact for the company or for the technology community.

Teamwork & Collaboration:

  • Effective communicator with good relationship management skills.
  • Adapt to significant changes in either technology or environment.
  • Willingness to take on additional responsibility to ensure team success and quality solutions.
  • Ability to multitask across different projects.
  • Personally, engage the right people / roles across the department to ensure effective communication and consultation as appropriate.
  • Ensure timely delivery of work items / projects, always meeting agreed project deadlines.
  • Provides advice and seeks opportunities to share and develop cross departmental capability.
  • Ability to adapt to multiple virtual teams and projects and people.
  • Share responsibility for planning and delivering team activities.
  • Identify opportunities for technical improvement to product and take accountability for implementing them.
  • Mentor and guide other members of the team on solutions as appropriate.
  • Can deputise and take accountability for leading priority work streams.
  • Collaborates across functions to drive the most efficient use of emerging technologies and ensure efficient learning through collaboration and skill sharing.
  • Excellent communicator able to evangelise the technology opportunities internally and to external community.

Customer Focus:

  • Develops solutions in response to customer feedback. 
  • Provision of technical or testing support to internal customers (e.g., Tier 3 support).
  • Develop customer relationship and anticipate future customer needs and deliver quality solutions in response.
  • Identify & mitigate any factors that may affect the team’s customer service performance.
  • Ensure that technology / service problems are dealt with appropriately.
  • Provision of expert support to others within own area.
  • Champion the delivery of appropriate business solutions based on knowledge of IoT.nxt as a business.
  • Accountable for driving ongoing optimisation and performance improvements of products.
  • Ability to communicate changes effectively with customer and prepares and supports those affected by change.


  • Holds self and others to account for meeting goals and is influential to the creation of a high-performance culture. Celebrates success.
  • Sets an example by taking on new opportunities and tough challenges with a sense of urgency, high energy, and enthusiasm.
  • Is recognised as a technology leader by building strong partnerships and relationships across the business.
  • Works collaboratively with others, irrespective of team or geographical borders, to meet shared objectives, delivering world class customer-centric solutions.
  • Role models expected leadership behaviours and had high standards of honesty and integrity. Is approachable, driven by a sense of team, has a lack of ego and demonstrates consistency between what they say and how they act.
  • Sees developing talent as an organisational imperative. Acts as a coach and mentor, and generally nurtures talent so that they are ready, willing, and motivated to take on new challenges and step up
  • Able to easily communicate deeply technical concepts to a non-technical audience and use technical insights to inform commercial decision making and influence technical direction and strategy.
  • Leverage their relationships across the business and their expertise/awareness of developing technology trends to spot opportunities, engages the right people and help drive plans to make things happen.
  • Views innovation as a priority. Builds excitement and encourages others to generate ideas and nurtures the best ones to fruition through their role as a key influencer.


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