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Job opening:
1 x Marketing Account Manager

Role: Marketing Account Manager

Department: Management

Location: Centurion, Pretoria

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Job Title

IoT Marketing Account Manager located in Centurion, Pretoria.  

Job Purpose

If you live and breathe marketing and love working with clients, we need to talk. We’re looking for a flexible and versatile Account Manager who will be responsible for the growth of our inbound sales channels. We are in tech and if you have an interest, we are interested in you. You will be a client advocate and work with internal departments to ensure that client needs are understood and satisfied. They may assist with making sales, handling client complaints, collecting and analysing data, and driving the creation of marketing material fit for the client account’s market. This role helps bridge the gap between enablement and marketing. You will need to drive getting a partner successfully set up to co-sell. As well as build co-marketing campaigns both internally and externally to build brand and aid building pipeline. In order to be successful in this role, you will need international marketing experience and solid experience within tech and or the telecoms industry.  


  • Generate sales among client accounts, including upselling and cross-selling
  • Operates as the point of contact for assigned customers
  • Develops and maintains long-term relationships with accounts
  • Makes sure clients receive requested products and services in a timely fashion
  • Communicates client needs and demands to employer company
  • Forecasts and tracks client account metrics
  • Manage projects within client relationships, working to carry out client goals while meeting company goals
  • Identifies opportunities to grow business with existing clients
  • Coordinate with staff members working on the same account to ensure consistent service
  • Collaborates with sales team to reach prospective clients
  • Service multiple clients concurrently, often meeting multiple deadlines
  • Keep records of client transactions, tracks hours and efforts per account


  • Demonstrable experience in marketing together with the potential and attitude required to learn.
  • Proven experience in identifying target audiences and in creatively devising and leading across channels marketing campaigns that engage, educate and motivate.
  • Beneficial to have experience with CRM integrations to digitise marketing efforts and measure return.
  • Numerically literate, comfortable working with numbers, making sense of metrics and processing figures with spreadsheets.
  • A self driver.
  • Has meticulous attention for detail.
  • Has excellent communication skills.
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurement.
  • Experience in building end-to-ed Digital Campaigns for co-marketing, tacking and measuring thereof.
  • A good sense of copy writing skill.
  • Some one with Business Development experience.


Change management
  • Develops workable implementation plans.
  • Communicates changes effectively.
  • Builds commitment and overcomes resistance.
  • Prepares and supports those affected by change.
  • Monitors transition and evaluate results.
  • Exhibits confidence in self and others.
  • Inspires respect and trust.
  • Accepts feedback from others.
  • Gives appropriate recognition to others.
  • Displays willingness to make decisions.
  • Exhibits sound and accurate judgment.
  • Supports and explains reasoning for decisions.
  • Includes appropriate people in decision-making process.
  • Makes timely decisions.
  • Sets and achieves challenging goals. 
  • Demonstrates persistence and overcomes obstacles. 
  • Measures self against standard of excellence. 
  • Takes calculated risks to accomplish goals.

Values and Behaviours:

  • We are honest and respect each other.
  • We challenge issues but honour commitments.
  • We believe that innovation is a way of life.
  • We have a passion to win; a freedom to fail; but only once for the same reason.
  • We take responsibility for our actions; we are accountable for achieving results and we take ownership of our mistakes.
  • We do the right thing for the right reason.
  • We are part of the solution, not part of the problem.
  • We are fearless with nerves of steel.
  • We believe in teamwork and partnership.
  • We are diverse yet united.
  • We are involved yet independent.
  • We believe in learning and continuous improvement.

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