Centralising data will extract IOT value

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November 24, 2016 | 1 minute read


Centralising data will extract IOT value

By 24 Nov 2016

Internet of things (IOT) technologies are making a fundamental impact on business but companies do not necessarily know how to engage with them.

This is according to Gareth Rees, leader of Deloitte Digital Transformation SA, who notes adopting IOT is not about ripping and replacing – or even about the devices – but about consolidating and enhancing the data.

The reason why the ‘rip-and-replace’ concern exists is because certain big players have come with that approach. Their intention is to tie clients into their ecosystem into the future so they continue to buy devices, products, services from that particular company, says Rees.

He notes that Deloitte believes IOT is not necessarily about devices or analytics but is about getting information from silos or pockets of automation within a company and normalising that data into a central place.

Often, organisations deploy technology in a manner that results in islands of automation, where intelligent systems collect useful data which can be difficult for other operational units to access, he says.

To extract value from IOT, businesses need to aggregate all their data in one place because once they have data in one place in the same format, they can then apply rules – analyse it and create insight that creates value for business, notes Rees.

According to Rees, as companies try to take advantage of IOT, they need to partner with companies with an interoperability platform that is device-agnostic. “We don’t want it to be a situation where you are adding a layer that ends up tying you to one company’s platform and devices into the future.

“We need to future-proof companies by deploying a platform that allows integration of all the devices and makes use of the potential of CRM systems and ERP systems they already have without ripping and replacing.”

Rees says this is why Deloitte Digital Transformation SA has partnered with IoT.nxt, which he says deployed an agile solution that lives in the cloud and has the ability to deploy IOT solutions.

“What we are finding is these type of solutions are so powerful and very easy to deploy because often they are cloud-based and definitely not technology-based.”

However, Rees says aggregating the data is actually the very first step of digitisation. He points out most companies have digital channels but with untransformed business.


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