Gugu Lourie 27 March 2018

With a dedicated investor and a commitment to see a proudly South African firm conquer the world, IoT.nxt seems destined for greater things in the Internet of Everything market.

South African innovator in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, IoT.nxt has been trying to find its place in the global IoT space and CEO Nico Steyn says the company will remain proudly South African but “we are going to take our innovation to the world”.

Once an unknown business, it made headlines by getting R100 million from its dedicated investor and funding partner Talent Holdings, an investment holding company that has a philosophy based on partnering management, not dictating to them.

The investment firm – which is chaired by erstwhile CEO of Exxaro Resources, Sipho Nkosi – has done exactly that with its investment in IoT.nxt.

Fittingly enough, Talent Holdings had put money into IoT.nxt, and is seeing firsthand how giving management space to operate without interference could yield results.

What has the R100 million investment by Talent Holdings done so far for IoT.nxt?

The Centurion-based start-up is slowly morphing into a global player through its IoT device known as the Raptor, which allows for the migration of analogue devices and inputs into a digital platform, serving as a filter for big data and delivering cost savings and efficiencies to the client’s IoT ecosystem.

IoT.nxt now partners with global technology and computing hardware giant Dell to allow companies to rapidly digitise their business operations and make IoT solutions a reality.

The company will use Raptor in a box solution to provide companies with the ability to scale quickly as the Dell Raptor is already configured to be rolled out, yet comes with the support of Dell’s global network which offers warranties and superior service.

The IoT in a box will be distributed by Axiz, an industry leading value added distribution business that serves eight countries in Southern and East Africa.

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