Companies need to understand megatrends to serve customers in the future

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February 19, 2018 | 2 minute read


Companies need to understand megatrends to serve customers in the future

19 February 2018

Internet of Things technology will be one of the key catalysts to how we shape our future world, especially in the automotive industry.

This is the view of Michael Frans, Head of Business Development and Strategy for Automotive and Manufacturing Industries at T-Systems, in conversation with IoT.nxt about what new technologies will mean for business.
“To serve enterprise customers it is important to understand the megatrends in technology, in order to assist them in being ready for the new wave of technology. This includes cloud technologies and IoT. We believe that the automotive industry will become of the biggest digitalised industries in the world. It is therefore critical that a company like T-Systems understands these technologies and build competencies around where we can add the biggest value,” he says.

He notes, however, that companies cannot be anything and everything to customers. “This new world, especially in the Internet of Things, requires deep competencies. It absolutely requires expertise at every stage through the cycle. A company such as ourselves cannot provide every element required, which is why partnerships are critical. We need an eco-system of partners in order to serve our customers. Although T-Systems is a huge global business, we cannot specialise in everything.”

T-Systems spends a lot of time to investigate and interrogate what is available in the market place, especially as so many new entrants are entering the sector claiming to have new technologies and in some cases, companies have a wide offering trying to cover many different aspects. Which Frans says is unrealistic.

T-Systems first engaged IoT.nxt at the Gartner Symposium ITXpo of 2016, hosted in Cape Town, and took due consideration to get to know the company, its offering and its team members.

“IoT.nxt has found a niche to form a critical part of that eco-system to deliver value add to customers. As a fast developing start-up IoT.nxt is innovate, agile and enthusiastic. From their perspective dealing with a large multi-national company takes patience as the processes are so different. Yet, we formed a relationship over time and now consider them a key partner for IoT solutions,” he says.

“We want the solutions for our customers that IoT.nxt can deliver and value their agility, sense of excitement and the speed of delivery,” he added.

He highlighted IoT.nxt’s Raptor™ technology and says it is ‘the best of breed’ T-Systems has come across for months. “This technology differentiates IoT.nxt beyond most players in the market. Therein lies the value. So called ‘cool’ hardware that cannot add value is not what we are looking for, the Raptor adds significant value to the entire solution.”

He concluded to say that as the partnership develops over time, he foresees that there will be little distinction between where T-Systems starts and ends and where IoT.nxt starts and end. “I look forward to reaching that stage.”

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