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Internet of Things Platform

IoT.nxt  has developed a world leading framework that makes the efficiencies, cost savings and increased revenue from IoT a reality for businesses. The major strength of the IoT.nxt framework is that the solution is technology agnostic, which overcomes the challenge of connecting any and all devices or systems. This enables you to deploy best of breed technologies (hardware/sensors/subsystems) but at the same time also achieve interoperability and interconnectivity between all the currently deployed systems and devices from the edge to the cloud.

What sets us apart

  • Horizontal integration of ‘islands’ of digitization
  • Unified and integrated IoT platform
  • Enablement of non -discretional and dynamic business decision support
  • Agile deployment – start small and scale up
  • Simple customization and configuration of the product suite
  • API led integration methodology
  • Agile digital transformation is key – Disrupt or be disrupted
  • Unprecedented ROI
  • Future proof digital transformation strategies
  • Enables customer to deploy best of breed technology
  • Allows business to leverage off  existing infrastructure
  • Immediate business process impact