It’s time to ‘switch on’ your building

The key to levelling up a facilities management offering isn’t more buildings, it’s smarter ones. With new reports showing the rapid growth imminent for the global IoT energy grid management market, it’s unsurprising that energy management is on a lot of minds.

Facilities management companies look after buildings – big and small. Residential and commercial. Industrial and retail. As clients, and market trends, increasingly demand real-time solutions, how does a facilities management professional keep track of what’s happening in every building in the company portfolio without splitting themselves into a million pieces? The answer lies in a 375mm black screen.

Our IoT platform consolidates the data collected from every piece of software, sensor, end-point, and actuators into one single view. All relevant data in one place to drive evidence-based decisions for building facility management.

It’s time for total visibility to be a reality for your buildings.

Modern challenges in a modern world

In a hyper-digital landscape, every industry is facing intricate modern challenges, such as human behaviour and engagement, that become impossible to manage when scaling up. Buildings are getting larger, with more complexity and ingenuity on every floor. Married with increasing concerns about energy consumption, and power, and water wastage, whilst simultaneously optimising a building for cost-saving solutions.

According to Barometer, a report developed in associate with Centrica Business Solution, 45% of energy managers noted behavioural change and engagement as top-tier challenges facing energy-saving strategy in business. Going hand-in-hand with this result, 53% of energy managers noted motivating and empowering others was a vital skill for energy managers to execute their role effectively. With these fragile challenges facing every facility manager as well, energy-efficient technologies have grown momentum as a top priority in facility management operations.

So, the question is, how do you manage scalability and continue to tackle fragile energy challenge? How do you pro-actively redistribute energy resources based on real-time building usage without being in the room? The answer lies with IoT.nxt. We may not know your business yet, but we know IoT, and how to implement a solution that increases efficiency in operations, leading to energy savings.

You see, it’s not about how many buildings you can manage, but how smart you can make each one. Work smarter, not harder. The answer to keeping the lights on isn’t less bulb, it’s smarter lights. Only once you have detailed insight into not only energy management but the infrastructure influencing consumption, can you truly scale up without having an on-site building manager in each hub. So, how does a business gain these much-needed insights? Through the mission-critical technology that will be vital for the future success of any business in the coming years – IoT.

Not just any data

Data lies at the heart of maximised energy savings. We’re not talking about any data, it’s smart data though. We’re talking about relevant data delivering insights to the right people, driving change. In a market that demands a reduction in energy usage, our IoT technology works towards leveraging every device in a building to achieve an efficient energy management solution, tailoring each solution for individual ecosystems.

Are you:

  • Struggling to cut operating costs?
  • Having difficulty accessing and interpreting streams of data?
  • Experiencing roadblocks caused by tedious data collection methods?
  • Battling to keep up with the various technology implemented across your business?
  • Installing expensive stop-gap solutions that don’t address core business problems?

If you uttered a resounding yes to any of these questions, we can help.

What our smart solution delivers

We’ll start off with the big one. The number one thing a facilities manager is working towards: saving money. It’s simple really, our solution maximises resource output and, ultimately, helps you better manage energy consumption.

Once implemented, our IoT solution delivers bespoke, detailed reporting into all areas of your building including previously overlooked black holes, to help you provide improved tenant experiences and predictive maintenance. This, in turn, drives operations toward a self-healing system design, pinpointing the exact practices or operations costing energy to with a view to reducing consumption. Each benefit of our smart building energy management solution can drive down the costs within your ecosystem.

What the specialists say

Off the back of a successfully implemented project in schools across the USA, IoT.nxt’s Solutions Architect, Zahir Mamoojee, sees interest in the energy management space spanning across industries.

“Utility providers are under increasing pressure globally to cope with growing demand and climate change regulations. We have recently seen increased interest from utilities in adopting IoT to improve their operations. IoT is pervading through every industry and utilities must adopt IoT strategies if they are to remain competitive, comply with regulations and provide better customer satisfaction.”

As a solutions architect in energy management, Mamoojee knows that,“IoT enables facilities managers and utilities to accurately determine exactly how systems are functioning and where resources are being distributed.”Collecting the right data, and distributing it to the right people in real-time is a vital component in saving energy.

Any process. Any system. Any industry.

Energy savings is not only crucial to facility management but rugged landscapes such as mining and oil & gas plants and mining operations, too. Industries that appear as an antithesis of the digital world, flinching at the mention of seemingly fragile technology.

IoT.nxt achieves agile deployment, delivers interoperability and can overlay smart solutions onto legacy systems through the simple customisation of an intricate product suite.

Ready to experience a revolutionised approach to the way buildings and their environments work? We thought so. Chat to the IoT.nxt team today to see how they can level up your engagement management solution.

Faster, and cheaper than you think. It’s still your business. Only better.