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The key to levelling up a facilities management offering isn’t more buildings, it’s smarter ones. With rapid growth imminent for the global IoT energy grid management market, it’s unsurprising that energy management is on a lot of minds.

In a hyper-digital landscape, every industry is facing intricate modern challenges, such as human behaviour and engagement, that become impossible to manage when scaling up. Buildings are getting larger, with more complexity and ingenuity on every floor. Married with increasing concerns about energy consumption, and power, and water wastage, whilst simultaneously optimising a building for cost-saving solutions. The answer lies in a 375mm black screen.

Benefits of using IoT.nxt

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Controlled Consumption

All systems visualised from a single interface and algorithms may be implemented to dynamically control energy consumption.

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Increased ROI

Reduced operational expenditure due to energy savings which will result in an increase in return on investment.

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Predictive Maintenance

Reduction in maintenance costs due to scheduled callouts having a clear and precise vision as to which components require maintenance.

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Centralised Monitoring

Enables previously siloed systems to interoperate. Dynamic scheduling of all connected systems is made possible.

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Real-time Tracking

Visibility into device-specific energy usage and status using a single reporting system.

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IoT.nxt in Action


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"What we particularly liked about IoT.nxt is that they have one, single interoperable solution that connects with any device - giving visibility to the complete chain"

Frank Snijders

ICT - Executive Digital Transformation

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