The cyclical nature of the mining industry is well documented. Being in the middle of an upturn doesn’t imply anything. In fact, the only part of the cyclical swing worth commenting on is the height of the peaks and troughs.

In the early 2000’s, we witnessed a notable increase in mining prices and investment in Africa. Investment into the exploration of minerals increased dramatically and, although this is not anything unusual for the industry, the ever-increasing demand for natural resources has lead companies to mine ore reserves previously seen as ‘too difficult’. This leads to an increase in both production costs and risk.

The solution? To shift the discussion to focus on changing the management and impact of mining activity.

Increasing competition for mining resources places even more importance on productivity than ever before and, as mining operations push their operations further requiring deeper and more technical skills, and the associated unit costs of production, safety, efficiency and compliance have to be top of mind.

The mining industry has to change.

It is no longer enough to focus merely on extraction grades. Operational managers have to adopt a systems theory approach and look at the effect of single process efficiencies on the entire mining value chain. Horizontal interoperability of disparate systems is crucial, as is the  protection of legacy systems and devices.

A seemingly insurmountable task, with a relatively simple solution – IoT.

Create a complete overview of your entire operation, digitise it, and optimise it.

Surprisingly, it’s not as complex or high-tech as you’d think, can be overlaid in a short amount of time with little to no disruption to your business and can incorporate all your existing systems, devices and equipment. Well, our solution can.

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