Food Processing Use Case

Industry: Manufacturing

Business unit: Food processing

Problem: The incorrect selection of recipes would result in R 25,000 being wasted per batch. This problem was replicated in their 10 cooking ovens. This contributed to a loss of approximately R 1 million per month.

IoT.nxt solution: We installed a Raptor Device on the first BASTRA Smoker and integrated the PLC to reflect the correct alarms for the process. The constructed Operations Centre now allows operators to intervene by stopping the process once an incorrect procedure is being followed. The operational workflow is captured in Commander and an evidence bag is captured per batch in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Result: The client is now saving an estimated R1 million per month.

Implementation time: 3 months

Disruption to productivity: By deploying the solution in-line with production schedules, we were able to overlay our solution with no disruption to production.

Summary: IoT.nxt managed to offer the client approximately R1 million in savings every month without any disruption to their operations by developing the solution in line with production schedules. In just 3 short months, their Occupational Health and Safety, efficiency, and compliance issues were solved.