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A Single
Integrated Future

A single integrated future proof IoT platform integrating multiple systems, applications, protocols and ‘things’ into a single operational and management user interface.

Creating a seamless bridge between data sources and brokering data availability across multiple platforms, driving non-discretional decision making and delivering real-time dynamic organisation visibility.

Mobile, Social, Cloud, Analytics and all other connected devices/things, are rapidly transforming businesses and consumers around the world. The demand for better quality, cheaper and faster is creating a world of doing more with less. The toolsets to achieve this already exist – big data, cloud, analytics and unprecedented connectivity across millions of devices.

Framework Part 1

Can you imagine if EVERYTHING in your business was connected... working toward an efficient future: Staff, processes, systems, products, logistics, assets all talking to each other.

  • Imagine what that would mean for your business.
  • Imagine what that would mean for you.
  • How integrated are your systems really?
  • Do they speak to each other?

Are they fully integrated in a single view, so you can manage all the levers that make your business tick?

A new era in business has arrived. IoT.nxt platform.


The IoT.nxt Platform

Commander is part of the IoT.nxt application suite that creates collaboration centers delivering a single User interface that visualizes and controls your whole eco-system of things and people.

In addition, the IoT.nxt platform:

  • Allows for automatic detection of devices and dynamic configuration.
  • Allows your business to input all your proprietary business processes and to automate decision making... limiting human error.
  • Provides an electronic evidence bag that allows for reconstructing of events and how they occurred as a chain of evidence.
  • Allows unlimited customisation of the user interface through drag and drop of images, floor plans, site maps bringing 2 or 3d environments to life.
  • Protects your valuable data using military grade encryption.
Framework Part 2
  • Business application and integration problem solved!
  • IoT.nxt’s software has been built as a scalable nimble service where:

Devices and networks are seamlessly connected at speed – No need to spend months setting up a complex system

Integration and interoperability protects your existing investment and allows for rapid time to market.


The IoT.nxt Solution

It is now possible to create one integrated view of all your current segregated systems

The innovation is that the platform creates enterprise wide data-connectivity between new data sources (sensors or things), any less sophisticated legacy systems, enterprise systems, applications, machines, cloud services. It allows people on any network, using any operating system or device to connect and interact. The IoT.nxt platform moves us beyond islands-of-automation and towards the seamless digital enterprise.

  • Cost Reduction & Efficiency
  • Risk Management
  • Improve Existing Products & Services
  • Revenue Growth
Framework Part 3

IoT.nxt is a digital transformation enabler and makes the Internet of Things a reality. IoT.nxt unlocks exponential business value by harnessing the power of system and device interoperability.

IoT.nxt supports agile deployment across multiple industry sectors and is technology agnostic thus not only conserving an organization’s existing technology investment but also forming the underpin for future-proofing organizational digital transformation.



Raptor Logo

IoT.nxt provides a world class IoT product stack that consists of hardware & software products.

IoT.nxt’s ground breaking device known as the RAPTOR is:

  • An intelligent field gateway.
  • A data filter that handles thresholds and regulates the data load that is being transmitted across the network.
  • A translation tool that addresses all industry standard protocols.
  • Able to handle all 2 wire device integration & connections.

Let us take your business into the future, today.

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