Do or Don’t: The IoT.nxt Company Culture

Do or don’t, there is no try. Not at the IoT.nxt table, anyway.

Find yourself across the table from IoT.nxt team members and you’ll know within minutes that you’re looking at some of the brightest minds in your market. We’re equipped with both the skills and knowledge to contribute meaningfully to your strategic direction and the technology to facilitate an ecosystem-wide overhaul without disruption.

“For me, it’s about far more than building a solution or merely employing people to do a job.” says Nico Steyn, co-founder and CEO. “We want each person that crosses our path to walk away having learnt something positive, to look back and feel a strong pull to both our family and the work they’ve done to effect change within the businesses we serve.”

At the end of the day, passion also encourages determination. “We’re big on commitment and perseverance, but more than that, we feel that being a part of this company is about passion – waking up and wanting to rush to work to make a difference, because we know that, big or small, what we’re doing is making the world a better place.”

As you walk through the front door of IoT.nxt, we’ll bet it’s not the impressive Star Wars wonderland you’ll find yourself in that will knock you into the future and beyond – but rather the people.

Sure, every company believes they have the best people, but we really do. You see, at the core of what we do are the people working tirelessly to facilitate that magic. While the backbone of it all remains our core product, it takes innovation, agility and an incredible pace to not only prove concepts in traditionally rugged industries but implement and maintain that backbone.

As we’ve grown, we’ve instilled the same core values in our teams – ones that have been vital to our business since our very first day in our very first tiny office. It’s become more necessary than ever to ensure that every person within our carefully woven framework aligns with who we are and who we want to be as a business.

Regardless of their role at IoT.nxt, each team member together with the client form an integral part of a global movement that will guide crucial industries through the 4th Industrial Revolution. Ultimately, helping them to remain relevant by giving them the insight needed to do more with less.

We believe in doing more with less, too. That’s why you’ll deal with a highly-skilled Account Manager with hands-on experience in your field and that’s just the start of it – they’ll be backed up by what can only be described as wizards.

“We encourage all at IoT.nxt to think out of the norm and to match everything that we do with our customers’ experience and expectations. We are encouraging our early hires to propagate the energy and commitment to customer delivery above all else and to teach younger and newer IoT.nxt recruits how satisfying and rewarding it can be to make that difference in our customers’ lives.” says Terje Moen, co-founder and Business Development Officer.

If you see someone in a seat in one of our buildings, know that they’ve been hand-plucked, identified as key to helping us unlock our true potential. Honesty, integrity and innovation will be key to how we put together a proposed solution to your unique business problems. Ownership, accountability and hard work are how we’ll deliver one.

We relish in the radical. That’s why we are constantly seeking disruptive peculiarity, sheer fearlessness and radical rule-breakers because it’s right on the precipice of absolute madness that some of the most revolutionary technology has come to light. “Greatness,” says our COO Chett Maherry, “all hinges on the man/woman in the arena and the teammates by his/her side.”

Having 200+ individuals in the arena that can’t work together towards a common goal or purpose will mean there is no victory, regardless of individual greatness. Rather, from the very top-down, you’ll encounter an organisation that is working tirelessly to not only understand clients and their needs but the individual padawans that make up our galaxy. We’re working together to fully experience the feeling of what it means to be a part of something truly great yet, surprisingly, simple.

“What was amazing about finding IoT.nxt – an absolute blessing, in fact – was finding a company that only embraced what we were proposing to do. A company that was as disruptive as we are and perhaps in the same space of growing a business as we were, but also a company that was willing to take a chance. To jump in with both feet, commit people, test technologies, to the point that what we ended up with is an absolute awe of a solution,” noted Daniel Badran, CEO of Minimize USA.

We enable change, making complex things simple and the impossible, possible – but you already knew that, didn’t you?

What you might not know is what we’re building. Our vision, curated by our management team, is to become the operating standard for IoT, guiding global industries through and enabling change, laying the foundation for Big Data, bigger, faster insights and optimised, undisrupted operations by driving intelligence closer to the edge. Technology is the catalyst for change and IoT.nxt is undoubtedly at the epicentre of that, pushing to give people insight into their businesses than they’ve never had before. However, while we’re unlocking infinite value for clients, we know that the people of IoT.nxt are central to everything we do. It’s for them that we’re creating an environment in which they can thrive, innovate and change the world.

We’re not here to merely underpin the rollout of rapid digitalisation projects in industrial sectors. We are quickly becoming the operational standard for radical change and transformation, allowing industries to consolidate and optimise entire businesses seamlessly and without disruption, laying the foundation for infinite future growth. That’s old news.

“It could be our approach to problem-solving, in which we place emphasis on unique business ecosystems and vertical conditions, that makes us special, but lately it seems to be much bigger. Our contributions to the IoT industry as a whole, coupled with our commitment to closing the loop so that future generations are equipped with the skills they need to tackle the problems of tomorrow – That’s the IoT.nxt difference. Isn’t that worth leaping out of bed for?” said Nico Steyn.

We’re here to help your business surge towards greatness. Why haven’t you taken the leap yet?