Commander is part of the IoT.nxt application suite that creates collaboration centers delivering a single User interface that visualizes and controls your whole eco-system of things and people.

In addition, the IoT.nxt platform

  • Allows for automatic detection of devices and dynamic configuration.
  • Allows your business to input all your proprietary business processes and to automate decision making…limiting human error.
  • Provides an electronic evidence bag that allows for reconstructing of events and how they occurred as a chain of evidence.
  • Allows unlimited customisation of the user interface through drag and drop of images, floor plans, site maps bringing 2 or 3d environments to life.
  • protects your valuable data using military grade encryption.

Business application and integration problem solved!

IoT.nxt’s software has been built as a scalable nimble service where

  • Devices and networks are seamlessly connected at speed – No need to spend months setting up a complex system
  • integration and interoperability protects your existing investment and allows for rapid time to market.
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