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A. Job Title / Reporting to:
Hardware Engineering Manager with one of the following grade levels:
● Junior Hardware Engineering Manager.
● Intermediate Hardware Engineering Manager.
● Senior Hardware Engineering Manager.

The Hardware Engineering Manager reports to Chief of Product Engineering.

B. Job Purpose:
The Hardware Engineering Manager holds the responsibility of all hardware decision making and risk analysis required by the business. This position requires the management of a technical team of electronic engineers to develop and deliver hardware products and firmware features.

The Hardware Engineering Manager is the owner of the hardware and firmware roadmap and needs to ensure that this is properly maintained and communicated to relevant stakeholders. The Hardware Engineering Manager needs to handle incoming requests from field teams where a technical analysis is required as a supporting function in the business. Technical reports, Root Cause Analysis and Engineering Change Orders are some of the typical outputs required.

The Hardware Engineering Manager needs to align with the innovation function of business to ensure that it aligns with the hardware strategy and the roadmap. The Hardware Engineering Manager needs to provide regular feedback to stakeholders. Feedback is required in the form of workstreams, weekly stand-up meetings, progress reports, development updates and delivery schedules. The Hardware Engineering Manager needs to identify and highlight risks and mitigate with a well-structured action plan including milestones.

The Hardware Engineering Manager needs to look after all new development projects where hardware is involved to ensure quality decisions are made and provide visibility on progress as well as challenges. The Hardware Engineering Manager is required to understand and communicate cost and impact of blockers and lead times/Supply Chain issues and provide robust solutions according to realistic timelines.

The Hardware Engineering Manager is accountable for the quality of products manufactured and repaired and therefore needs a firm understanding of manufacturing processes, quality assurance and repair analysis. Managing the life expectancy, end-of-life and life cycle of each product is essential.

C. Knowledge
• Experience of people management and the ability to lead and influence others.
• Mentoring skills.
• Proven experience in leading and managing the delivery of hardware development projects in a structured environment.
• Experience in a variety of development approaches and methodologies including Agile and/or Waterfall (Agile preferred).
• Experience in both architecture and implementation-level hardware and firmware design.
• Experience in the development of hardware and firmware projects.
• A strong understanding and exposure to Product Lifecycle Management tools.
• Excellent personal organisation and ability to prioritise and carry out multiple tasks as the same time.
• Comfortable working without routine supervision.
• A desire to remain technically capable and an expert in latest technologies.

D. Values and Behaviours:
● We are honest and respect each other.
● We challenge issues but honour commitments.
● We believe that innovation is a way of life.
● We have a passion to win; a freedom to fail; but only once for the same reason.
● We take responsibility for our actions; we are accountable for achieving results and we take ownership of our mistakes.
● We do the right thing for the right reason.
● We are part of the solution, not part of the problem.
● We are fearless with nerves of steel.
● We believe in teamwork and partnership.
● We are diverse yet united.
● We are involved yet independent.
● We believe in learning and continuous improvement.

E. Remuneration & Benefits:
Annual Salary CTC
Wellness Programs
Flexible / Remote Working

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