License Plate Recognition

Client Challenge

Still used old outdated manual licence plate capture systems. Needed real-time visibility of vehicle arrivals/departures as well as alerts for unauthorised vehicles.


    Notifications & Alarms

    Reduced risk of unauthorised vehicles.

    Real-time Access & Visualisation

    Real-time visibility of vehicle Arrivals/Departures.

    Advanced Reporting

    Advanced reporting through easy to use visualisation dashboards.

    Further use cases addressed

    Arrival & Departure Time

    Monitoring arrival/departure durations of vehicles at the wash/service bay to reduce time wastage.

    Phase Check-ins

    Visualization of information using our app to monitor exactly how many people have entered an area or building.


    License Plate Recognition will provide vehicle ID and improved security.

    LPR cameras

    Monitors vehicles to ensure optimal operational efficiency within the threshold. 

    Business impact

    Improved efficiency through eliminating manual procedures.

    Improved efficiency in drop-off/pick-up durations​.

    Reduced risk of unauthorised vehicles.


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