Livestock tracking with IoT.nxt – use case

livestock tracking

Vertical: Agriculture

Business Unit: Livestock Tracking

Problem: The client was finding that manual counting of large groups of cattle was unreliable and inefficient.

IoT.nxt Solution: We installed our BLE and Virtual IoT Gateway at the entrance to the water pit and equipped each animal with a low energy Bluetooth beacon. The BLE Gateway detects the ear tags once within close proximity of the water pit, resulting in an automated counting solution.

Our solution issues an alert should any tagged animal not to be detected in a 24 hour period, allowing the farmer to deploy a search team in haste.

Result: The client now has more accurate headcounts and receives instant notifications when animals are missing. This results in a much quicker reaction time, allowing the farmer to identify if the animal is hurt, sick or potentially stolen. By giving our client visibility into areas of stock losses and eliminating the need for manual stock counts, they were able to improve the care for their animals and increase productivity and efficiency.

Disruption to Productivity: The IoT.nxt solution was implemented during vaccination periods when all animals were in the camp at the same time, resulting in a fast, effective implementation.