Mechanised Operation & Production Management

Client Challenge

Our client’s mine management and control center teams had no real-time insight into the performance of their vehicles for production and performance outputs. Their operations were managed retrospectively at the end of a shift through manual form completion and reporting that  dictated the workforce management and production targets, negatively affecting workforce and machine management, production output, planning and forecasting.


Increased Visibility & Management

Increased visibility and management through real-time vehicle data interfacing.

Increased Asset Utilisation

Increased asset utilization through proactive in-shift management and resource allocation where any problems are identified

Incident Management

Increased safety and minimized production time through reducing the risk of flooding by monitoring water flows and triggering immediate notifications.

Business impact

Our client is now able to see real-time vehicle performance and environmental conditions in a centralized control room. KPIs are monitored and, where an exception is generated, an automated workflow is initiated to manage the incident and notify the respective parties for immediate resolution. With the integration into a SIC system the mine can more effectively execute its operations and improve efficiency.


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