Mine Management Use Case For Better Mine Management

mine management

Industry: Mining

Business unit: Mine Management

Problem: The client’s mine management and control centre teams had no real-time insight into the performance of their R&D vehicles for production and performance outputs. Their operations were managed retrospectively at the end of a shift through manual form completion and reporting that dictated the workforce management and production targets. This negatively affected workforce and machine management, production output, planning and forecasting.

IoT.nxt solution: We implemented an aggregated mining operations IoT ecosystem that empowered a control centre with real-time insights into the performance of vehicles, water flow, airflow, gas exposure and workforce management.

The result: The client is now able to see real-time vehicle performance and environmental conditions in a centralised control room. KPIs are also being monitored and, where an exception is generated, an automated workflow is initiated to manage the incident and notify the respective parties for immediate resolution.

Implementation time: 4 months

Disruption to productivity: Installation of RaptorTM caused a momentary disruption to vehicles. However, they were able to continue with usual operations almost immediately.

Summary:Visibility increased and management improved through real-time vehicle performance and incident management. The performance of the mine also improved through proactive incident management and resource allocation where any problems are identified in real-time.