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The mining industry has to change.

A connected mine is an efficient mine. Full-scale visibility of your ecosystem includes asset management, maintenance assessments, next-level productivity and safety convergence.

It is no longer enough to focus merely on extraction grades. Operational managers have to adopt a systems theory approach and look at the effect of single process efficiencies on the entire mining value chain to drive productivity. Horizontal interoperability of disparate systems is crucial, as is the protection of legacy systems and devices. A seemingly insurmountable task, with a relatively simple solution – IoT.

Benefits of using IoT.nxt

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Time Saving

Significantly reduced time latency. Proactive management of variance and discrepancies.

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Improved Safety

Predictive maintenance and incident analysis. Real-time evidence bagging.

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Process Automation

The IoT.nxt platform enables interconnectivity and interoperability between various production processes.

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Predictive Maintenance

Integration of machine information and predictive analytics detect wear and tear on vital equipment, leading to increased productivity.

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Energy and Water Efficiency

Integrates the entire mining ecosystem into a single overview of all processes.

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Increased Production

Integrates disparate legacy systems into a horizontal platform allowing for integrated downtime management.

IoT.nxt in Action

Increase overall production efficiency by ensuring equipment is operating at optimal levels.

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Improve the wellbeing of your employees by preventing workplace incidents.

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"What we particularly liked about IoT.nxt is that they have one, single interoperable solution that connects with any device - giving visibility to the complete chain"

Frank Snijders

ICT - Executive Digital Transformation

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