Nico Steyn: An IOT pioneer

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November 8, 2017 | 1 minute read


Nico Steyn: An IOT pioneer

Staff Writer ITWeb
Johannesburg, 8 November 2017

Nico Steyn, co-founder and CEO of IoT.nxt, attributes much of his company’s success to good fortune, timing and an amzing team that has played in its favour.  “What started off as an integration exercise, led us to where we are today.”

He has always seen great potential in IT, and has had a varied career, building up and selling CCS Software a successful retail software business, and then joining the corporate world as MD of Datanet and Pinnacle Africa Gauteng, till in conjunction with IoT.nxt co-founders he saw an opportunity to become a pioneer in the industrial IoT sector.

Up until recently most of the rhetoric has been around big data, the cloud and smart sensors. “Our first IoT exercise we were required to not only integrate and retrofit but also to be able to have these devices intelligently interact. What we have developed is unique from that perspective.” As it stands we see more and more migrating into the edge and gence we maintain that the Edge is eating the Cloud.

In reality, he says there are very few IoT platforms that allow businesses to be truly technology agnostic, and to retrofit and allow them to leverage not just intelligence in the cloud, but to bring in a layer of intelligence close to the edge.

Currently, Steyn says more than 90% of what is currently deployed in the world is unconnected, and this is where IoT.nxt comes in as the underpin to digitization is getting everything in the ecosystem connected, existing as well as new.

“There are a lot of our industries under pressure, mining, manufacturing and using yesterday’s solutions for today’s challenges is destined for extinction. You must be innovative, you have to do things differently, and embrace technology that can take businesses back from marginal into profit, that is game changing, not just for the business, but for the people. We don’t just make money for the shareholders, we save jobs.”

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