Our Framework Microsoft

Our Framework

Using Microsoft Azure, IoT.nxt is Able to Provide a Scalable End-to-End, Pure-Play IoT Solution Offering Rapid Digitization and Improved Business Efficiency.

IoT.nxt is currently the only pure-play South African company that provides a comprehensive, fully-integrated, technology-agnostic IoT hardware and software platform from the edge to any enterprise applications on across all verticals, products and devices. We leverage our component framework to support IoT solutions for any industry through the simple customization and configuration of our product suite.

Our agile, technology-agnostic solution allows for the integration of all elements of into a single user interface. Legacy and mission-critical new devices and system can be deployed and integrated effortlessly – no ‘rip and replace’. Our technology does not require significant capital outlay as we protect the existing investment in systems and hardware.

We offer a scalable solution that can be rolled out and iterated in line with any digitization strategy quickly and with little to no disruption to business. We have successfully implemented our solution across multiple verticals including mining, automotive, facilities management, retail, smart ports, telecommunications, health care, security and agriculture.

Interoperability and interconnectivity allow our clients to action changes in real time. We provide an end-to-end solution by connecting non-IP based devices (2-wire and similar) through Raptor, our intelligent edge gateway device. IP-enabled devices are connected directly to our IoT platform, Commander.

We are able to implement IoT solutions in areas of businesses not previously censored or digitized to accelerate digital adoption and demonstrate real bottom line benefit in a short period of time.

What our clients are saying

“IoT.nxt accelerated the digitalization of our business, offering us a scalable solution that provided us with a holistic view of our business processes and the ability to deploy changes in real time, benefiting overall business efficiency greatly.”

– Eric Croeser, Manager Mining Exxaro Resources, NBC Coal, October 2016

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It’s still your business. Only better. Find out how the Internet of Things can move your business forward. Visit www.iotnxt.com or email [email protected].

About Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, scale, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft data centers. You can build applications using multiple languages, tools, and frameworks.



Build anything from lightweight websites to multi-tier cloud services that scale up as your traffic grows.


Rely on geo-redundant cloud storage for backup, archiving, and disaster recovery.


Get actionable insights from your data by taking advantage of a fully compatible enterprise-ready Hadoop service.


Accelerate your mobile app development by using a backend hosted on Microsoft Azure. Scale instantly as your install base grows.


Create, manage, and distribute media in the cloud – everything from encoding to content protection to streaming and analytics support.



Microsoft Azure provides a rich set of application services, including SDKs, caching, messaging, and identity. You can write applications in .NET, PHP, Java, node.js, Python, Ruby, or using open REST protocols. This is all part of Microsoft’s promise to let you build using any language, tool, or framework.


Build resilient applications with automatic operating system and service updating, built-in network load balancing, and geo-redundant storage. Microsoft Azure also proudly delivers a 99.95% monthly SLA. You can rely on decades of experience in data center operations and trust that everything Microsoft Azure offers is backed by industry certifications for security and compliance.


Microsoft Azure makes it easy for you to integrate your on-premises IT environment with the public cloud. Migrate your virtual machines to Microsoft Azure without the need to convert them to a different format. Use the robust messaging and networking capabilities in Microsoft Azure to deliver hybrid solutions, and then manage your hybrid applications from a single console with Microsoft System Center.


With data centers around the globe, a massive investment in data center innovation, and a worldwide Content Delivery Network, you can build applications that provide the best experience for users, wherever they are.

Learn more: www.microsoftazure.com

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