Our Platform

IoT.nxt has developed a world-leading platform that makes the efficiencies, cost savings and increased revenue from IoT a reality for businesses. The IoT.nxt platform is technology agnostic, which overcomes the challenge of creating a completely interconnected, interoperable value chain.

We enable the deployment of best-of-breed technologies and retain currently deployed systems and devices creating a holistic business ecosystem that you can monitor and manage remotely from a single screen. The IoT.nxt platform allows rapid deployment and businesses to action a digitalisation strategy with little to no disruption to current operations.


Connecting assets, things, and processes at the edge 

Raptor comprises of Edge Raptor, Micro Raptor, and Virtual Raptor. Equipped with the ability to connect to most systems in the IoT ecosystem, it can assume the properties and protocols required to communicate with any device or sensor.

Raptor filters, aggregates, normalizes and abstracts the data required to facilitate and manage business processes. By managing data at the edge, only allowing the relevant data to flow through the stack, Raptor™ solves the problem of big data overload.

The IoT.nxt Platform

Staging, orchestrating, integrating and visualising data 

Commander™ is our IoT Application Enablement Platform and a powerful IoT telemetry ingestion engine that processes all incoming data and provides the data in the normalised form to native and third-party applications.


Commander includes various native applications like Portal, Dashboard, Radar, Radar Design Studio, and Sonar. Portal is used for multiple no-code configurations, for example, but not limited to creating and linking endpoints to edge devices, setting up functions, triggers and alarms, setting up role-based security, configuring the platform environment.

This method of data orchestration makes it possible to overcome challenges that typically arise from poor coordination across value chains, breaking down organizational silos. Raptor Edge Gateway is used to integrate all devices that make up the device layer. This integration gives these devices a level of intelligence, which allows for bi-directional communication not only between devices but also up and down the Commander-Raptor stack, creating a smart IoT ecosystem.


Dashboard and Radar Design Studio are applications used to build views and visualise endpoint values in real-time. Various widgets can be added and configured to a view to display the values to the user.

The platform has many innovative functionalities such as remote monitoring and control, automated decision making, and Digital Twin management.


Sonar is an enterprise-wide Device Management application that monitors and administers all gateways and devices in the network, including providing over-the-air software and firmware updates.

Virtual Raptor

Virtual Raptor (V-Raptor™), is an IoT gateway aggregation platform. It is designed to allow for easy integration of large numbers of devices and gateways in a secure manner. This can be done by using a variety of simple communication interfaces such as HTTP or MQTT, or by developing and deploying device drivers (as micro-services) that serve as communication interfaces using network-based protocols.

The V-Raptor enables Raptors, third-party gateways, and smart devices to be deployed, configured, and monitored at scale, acting as a load-balancer for edge Raptors while handling distribution of various components like drivers, firmware, protocols, and security patches. V-Raptor is easily scalable, deployable, maintainable, and provides automatic fail-over support when deployed on supported hardware clusters.

V-Raptor™ seamlessly connects physical devices to virtual ones. It is the solution to connect both physical and virtual assets; an essential component for digital transformation.

Micro Raptor™

Micro Raptor is a small, proprietary edge gateway aimed at rapidly deploying scalable solutions.

Equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth as standard it also has a mini PCIe expansion slot for cellular connectivity modems enabling connectivity to any wireless network.

The module integrates all components needed for secure cloud connectivity, data logging and peripheral control.



Navigator is a Data & Analytics Platform to unify data, analytics & AI workloads and provides the ability to ingest any type of data from any source, with the primary source of data being IoT telemetry from Commander.

It provides tools for data- storage and management and has two storage options: efficient long-term storage in the data lake or flexible storage suited for real-time analytics purposes in the data warehouse. Both storage options make use of advanced strategies, such as time-based partitioning, to improve query performance and cost.

Navigator further provides tools to:

  • Transform and process data for required downstream use.
  • Manage data lifecycle end-to-end, including testing data quality.
  • Visualise data and build BI reports.
  • Build data-driven ML/AI solutions, using AI Studio, to ultimately drive business value.


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