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As the world hurtles towards an increasingly digital age, different companies are looking to streamline their operations by connecting to the internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) has proven that, correctly implemented, it can increase a company’s efficiency, productivity, and overall market performance. IoT.nxt offers companies the ability to create interconnected and interoperable business operations, and improve overall performance.

When it comes to implementing Industrial IoT technology into a company’s operations, the deployment process is crucial. In order to create a seamlessly connected company without disrupting day-to-day operations can be time-consuming, inconvenient and costly. Plus, many companies also fear running the risk of potential loss or vulnerability of proprietary and sensitive data as different business silos and systems are merged together.

Essentially, cloud computing stores data and passes it between (potentially) thousands of devices that may have exploitable vulnerabilities. Poor deployment could provide external forces the ability to disrupt, destroy or even steal valuable data. Although the risks involved with implementing IoT might be enough to make some decision makers run for the hills, it’s important to these are just that – risks. The key is to do things properly to avoid those risks. IoT.nxt is that key.

When it comes to creating an interconnected, interoperable company, having an IoT provider to deploy, integrate, customise and protect the deployment within your company with no disruption or rip and replace is absolutely essential. With proper planning and implementation comes far less risk.

Introducing IoT.nxt

Who is IoT.nxt?

“IoT.nxt has developed a world-leading framework that makes the efficiencies, cost savings and increased revenue from IoT a reality for businesses.” The IoT.nxt solution is technology agnostic, meaning that we specialise in one software tool for everyone: a one for all type approach. This allows us to choose the best technology for that specific job and achieve interconnectivity and interoperability between devices, regardless of the industry or system. It also means that we have been able to learn from our mistakes.

The IoT.nxt platform supports agile and rapid deployment of IoT solutions while maintaining a company’s existing technology and future-proofing digital transformation strategies. Plus, the experts at IoT.nxt are some of the most knowledgeable, well-trained and capable engineers in the global market. If you’re looking to enhance your business decisions, increase efficiency and productivity and streamline your company’s operations down to every last process without exposing vulnerable data, you’re looking for IoT.nxt.

We have the know-how, training and time to carry out the proper deployment, setup and configuration of IoT devices. We know that, in order to facilitate quick and easy deployment, a solution is needed that is both easy-to-understand and configuration free. That solution? IoT.nxt.

What is rapid deployment?

Essentially, the deployment of IoT technology is a part of the initial action stage of implementation in a roadmap towards digitalisation. It’s when the new technology is integrated into the existing technology, processes, machinery and systems of a company. This stage is crucial for the successful adoption of IoT solutions as it is when that company’s data is most vulnerable.

So, we already know that IoT is good for business, but that is only if it is implemented into that business properly. The best deployments are shaped by strategic plans. This is where goals are established, metrics are identified, teams are assembled, use cases are pinpointed, technical inventory is taken and business process are evaluated. Naturally, this is the most time-consuming part of the deployment process as it is where fundamental decisions are made that will influence every other step that is to come. It’s kind of like a domino effect: if you get this part right, everything else should fall into place.

Successful IoT deployments share a few common characteristics. These include:

  • Meticulous planning
  • Careful execution
  • Close monitoring of progress
  • Goal tracking

The importance of a successful IoT deployment

Although early adopters of the Internet of Things have helped prove that the business value of the technology is significant, the technology is still in its infancy stages. This means that businesses have little idea of what is even possible yet.

Therefore, to help businesses unlock the real value of IoT, service providers and IT teams need to be able to experiment with and deploy new applications into user systems to allow for more extensive data visualisation without forfeiting too many resources. Thus, the IoT.nxt approach is to ensure frequent iteration while we collaborate closely with our partners to facilitate creative ideas of value-driving IoT applications.

Due to the fact that IoT is still such a young technology, yet it’s size is massive and constantly growing, there are many issues that can surface during its deployment. As a result, many IoT adoption projects eventually break the budget and either get overlooked or fall massively behind on schedule. Therefore, a successful IoT strategy should aim to do much more than just connect a company to the internet.

The most ideal process of implementation is when IoT solutions can be deployed without any disruption to the company’s day-to-day operations. The severity of any disruptions does vary between industries, however, a successful deployment strategy should aim to for seamless integration.

We help your company disrupt the industry without disrupting your company

As any pauses or disruptions in operations can bring severe detriment to many heavy asset industry organisations, the ability to deploy a new system of technology and implement it into an already existing one without disrupting a single process is invaluable. It can also be hard to come by, especially considering the number of issues that can arise during the deployment process.

Rapid deployment without disruption is something that IoT.nxt prides itself on. In fact, we have many rapid deployment use cases under our belt that entailed little to no disruption to productivity.

Let’s look at some examples:

Industry: Facilities

Business unit: Managed Services – Rooftop
Technical problem: As a managing agent, the client needed to report on SLA and contract compliance between landlords and telco tenants using rooftop area to ‘host’ their line of sight dishes. The client was not able to drill down into real-time reporting on the power consumption of these rooftop elements.

IoT.nxt solution: We deployed a sensor on each antenna array to report on the power consumption per router in order to correlate actual energy consumption with contracted consumption. Our deployed Commander visualises the workflow and our power BI capability manages thresholds and issues notifications when they are exceeded.

Results: Real-time reporting resulted in this client meeting their contractual obligations and saving costs on their 800 building requiring weekly site visits to capture energy consumption.

Implementation time: 1 month

Disruption to production: None

Industry: Security solutions

Business unit: Integrated tower solution

Technical problem: It was not possible for the client’s maintenance team to monitor or have insight into the problems they were experiencing with their generator units on each site in central Africa. Generally, technical teams are often only able to visit sites once a week or once a month to top up the generator units. As a result, there were massive disruptions in productivity.

IoT.nxt solution: We installed our Raptor gateway into various components of the generator and fuel tanks to enable visualisation of all elements of the 5,400 sites from a central location and dispatch the teams when required. This gave the client the ability to optimise their workforce and have statistical insight into information feeding into the main control centre, based in Kenya.

Results: The client gained the ability to see generator stock levels, health status figures and dispatch times of staff in real-time. This enabled the client to make accurate and real-time decisions for the control centre.

Implementation time: 2 weeks

Disruption to productivity: Little to no disruption of everyday operations with a short, 6 hour installation time at each site.

These are just two cases out of the hundreds we have in our database that represent our ability to bring interconnectivity into a company without causing any abnormalities to daily productivity. Our aim is to disrupt your competitors without disrupting your company. Disruption without disruption.

IoT.nxt rapid deployment strategy

The IoT.nxt solution is about delivering simple customisation of full-stack product suite in order to facilitate each individual industry and system that we work with. We are also able to automate much of the systems we come across using API-led integration methodology. This also facilitated our ability to remain agile in our processes as well as help your business stay ahead of the game in terms of efficiency and interoperability. Thus, all of the above have resulted in unprecedented Return on Investment (ROI of IoT) for our clients.

See what our clients had to say about our rapid deployment

Deloitte – “IoT.nxt is agile and quick off the mark. [This allows us] to see an opportunity and react to it quickly.”

“No problem is too big for them.”

“Quick turnaround.”

ICT Executive – With IoT.nxt everything is possible. They don’t take no for an answer. So, if you have a very special assignment for them, they pick it up execute it.”
Britehouse – They deploy quickly, in thin slices so you can show much more value much more quickly to your customers.”

Microsoft – “They are very delivery centric. They’ve been involved in multiple different projects across multiple different industries and they have successfully delivered many times across those industries.”

T-Systems – “They are young, dynamic, fast, hungry and agile. It’s what we look for in a partner.”

Rapid deployment through any industry, any system, any process is exactly what we offer. Disruption without disruption. Are you ready to bring your business to the edge?