Eclipse Any Legacy System with Raptor™

Your digitalization roadmap starts at the edge

Next-level configuration, smart security, and protocol-agnostic device communication – all in one place. That’s the IoT.nxt RaptorTM, our intelligent edge gateway technology.

It’s fast and cost-effective. Rather than rip and replace, the IoT.nxt solution can complement any existing legacy system or infrastructure to create a new bridge between old and new that drives digitized productivity in your ecosystem.

The Raptor™ Journey

In 2015, having arrived on the IoT scene, IoT.nxt created our first-generation products, which focused primarily on edge data collection from various devices and endpoints, ultimately formatting this data into a cohesive IoT concept.

Introducing Raptor™ 1.0

The software technology was developed and tightly integrated with our in-house developed gateway devices. This end-to-end approach forged the path for the creation of a unique IoT solution that can collect data from any device.

The rapid growth of IoT.nxt in the following years inspired our second-generation product line in 2017. The Raptor™ Gateway was improved with smarter protocols and drivers. However, our team was not yet satisfied with the implementation process and installation costs. Driven by a vision to see a piece of the Fourth Industrial Revolution accessible to every single business, big or small, it was back to the drawing board for team IoT.nxt.

From this vision, the third-generation Raptor™ was born. An intelligent amalgam of the first- and second- generation, the third-generation Raptor™ targets a modern platform, transcending a variety of legacy methods and protocols with smart integration and development. The new technology not only underpins radical digitalization but also creates a platform for deployment on third-party gateways like the Dell Edge Gateway 3000, on a global scale.

Interpreting Any Language

In a digitized world, innovation’s biggest foe is the legacy system. We get it. Money was invested, time was sacrificed. You don’t want to start again – and you shouldn’t have to. Working with IoT.nxt means no rip and replace. We build on existing infrastructure and unlock the potential of your existing ecosystem.

Underpinning our interoperable IoT solution is our proprietary Raptor™ technology. Raptor™ seamlessly co-exists with your entire ecosystem, achieving agile deployment and creating a tech-agnostic landscape, future-proofing your operations.

A challenge facing legacy ecosystems in a digitalized world is gateways with limited, and inaccessible hardware interfaces, limiting endpoint connections. Speaking to any device, the Raptor™’s architecture remains unaltered as it installs new protocols and device drivers, fulfilling both custom innovations and legacy overlays.

Whilst maintaining core stability, our unique Raptor™ integrates with legacy devices, using existing software to define the custom method of how the physical hardware interface is constructed. By removing the need to rip out and replace legacy infrastructure, our solution can satisfy both modular and custom integrations, connecting legacy endpoints with tailored methods adopted from the existing system protocol.

Raptor™ is multi-lingual, overcoming cross-device language barriers, and transforming your ecosystem into a multilingual hub of innovation and next-gen communication.

Smart Data Filtration

Deploying the IoT.nxt solution in your business means real-time monitoring of every single asset, sub-system and system in your ecosystem. With the implementation of our core Raptor™ technology, your ecosystem can assimilate and aggregate data from multiple systems and devices, creating a tech-agnostic, agile platform that future-proofs your systems.

Our solution sits at the forefront of IoT accessibility by allowing users to create custom methods for data filtering. We ensure that you only see relevant, actionable data from the edge, cutting out unnecessary analysis and monitoring. To fully realize your system’s potential, we marry data filter control with custom data transmission either at fixed intervals or scheduled exceptions, utilizing threshold management, on-edge automation, and smart workflow – querying devices frequently, yet only transmitting data when required. In other words, our solution can handle any data collection or transmission however YOU need it to.

Active Threshold Management

Customization is key to our Raptor™ solution. Configure our gateway to transmit all collected data to the cloud or choose to only transmit the data that has breached a predefined threshold. Adjust for anomalies and configure a tailored IoT platform that suits your existing systems, to create smarter operations for a digitized world.

Protocol Abstraction

Our IoT Raptor™ manages each protocol layer independently, so device drivers can make use of appropriate protocols. Configuration and implementation are completely modular, allowing more than one device driver to utilize the same protocol. Coupled with easily configurable protocols, you have the power to specify precise instructions and implementations without redeveloping software.

Seamless Data Storage

Alongside custom solutions, our Raptor™ achieves seamless data storage through aggregating telemetry data from all connected devices and systems. Data is then stored locally and transmitted to the cloud, achieving zero data loss. Improving the efficiency of data communication, we combine telemetry data at the device level and aggregate before transmission. Our IoT solution optimizes every step of the data journey, from endpoint to cloud, saving valuable time and reducing avoidable downtime.

What Sets Us Apart

Want to scale up your business, without costly refits, and detrimental downtime? Raptor™ is ready to enable the retrofit of your legacy systems, whilst simultaneously creating a platform that future-proofs your business. What sets us apart? We deploy a rapid, interoperable, technology agnostic IoT solution that is cheaper than you think. Raptor™ underpins every IoT integration, generating a custom-fit solution for any ecosystem.

Our Director of Product Development, André Jacobs believes, “Above all, our technology sets us apart from competitors because it underpins digital transformation, creating inter-connectivity and interoperability between equipment, devices, processes, people, and systems.”

Coupled with smart development and strong, passionate team, our IoT solution is ready to rapidly digitalize your ecosystem.

Any industry. Any system. Any process.

It’s still your business, only better.