From picking to pickling: the IoT solution that ensures the value of your retail stock

Ensure the value of time-sensitive stock with an agile, tech-agnostic IoT solution

As an industry reliant on maximum productivity and efficiency to retain the value of stock, retail food processing is in desperate need of a smarter solution. Enter IoT.nxt. Our agile, tech-agnostic IoT solution inspires real-time hyper-contextualised data that monitors and protects the value of your assets. Power your processing with IoT.nxt and gain the ability to track and monitor your entire supply chain from top to bottom, rapidly integrating every corner of your value chain into a single, interconnected ecosystem.

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Beyond the warehouse: the connected consumer

Your brick-and-mortar business is increasingly influenced by the behavioural patterns of your consumers. Of course, this is nothing new. However, in-line with rapid digitisation, the emerging species is the connected consumer. Your consumer is now able to check in-store pricing with the touch of a button. For some, this may be considered a hindrance or a threat, however, if you leverage the capabilities of IoT.nxt devices, you can turn this accessibility into a strategic – and profitable – advantage.

By customising best-price offers in real-time and providing location-optimised services for consumers, you can unlock new value in your consumers, producing meaningful ROI. Target loyal customers with exclusive offers. Tailor offers to individual consumer needs. Want to see these advantages unlocked in your business and create a smart store beyond the warehouse? It’s time for digital makeover, powered by IoT.nxt.

Retain value in stock

In the food processing industry, the value of stock is in its quality, mainly how it is preserved and stored. From cooking to pickling, liquifying and emulsifying, failure to keep up with an ever-increasingly digitised market can render your business obsolete. How do we bring our brick-and-mortar businesses out of a legacy blackhole and into a digital hub that leverages next-gen productivity and efficiency, ensuring the value of the stock is retained? The answer is IoT.nxt.

Say goodbye to wasted value

Not only does implementing our rapid solution ensure stock value, it goes one step further and adds value. Increased uptime of fridges through predictive maintenance schedules, reduced power consumption and downtime, married with heightened visibility of supply chain, your food processing operation is about to become a digital workflow that requires little-to-no onsite management.

Optimised tracking and tracing

Tracking and tracing in a retail ecosystem is nothing new, even without the help of IoT, however, the limits have been reached. With our agile, synergised implementation of RFID and GPS sensors, retail businesses can use IoT.nxt to collect, monitor and track actionable data, such as storage temperature, transit times, and asset anomalies.

Live feedback from every asset

With RaptorTM underpinning our rapid solution, your assets are monitored in real-time, collecting live data that generates contextualised feedback. Married with hyper-synergised interconnectivity of your assets, every corner of your business can be leveraged for next-gen productivity and efficiency. From pickling to picking, our solution provides real-time feedback, inspiring predictive maintenance and ultimately, reducing downtime.

Transformative applications of IoT in your food processing warehouse

You achieve more success in your organisation by implementing seamless interaction between every asset of your business operation. From fridge monitoring to food processing, for your retail ecosystem to thrive, you need every part working together, seamlessly.

You see, when there are gaps, the business suffers. Deploy a rapid IoT solution with IoT.nxt and achieve optimal, affordable and effective operational synergy that can monitor every stage of food processing, contextualise data with relevant analytics and ultimately, inspire evidence-based decision making.

Following the implementation of our tech-agnostic IoT platform, a recent client was able to rectify the incorrect selection of recipes during processing, resulting in cost-draining consequences. Our team installed RaptorTM on the BASTRA smoker and integrated the PLC to program the correct alarms for the process. With this new installation, the operations centre now has the ability to take affirmative action once an incorrect procedure is underway. Resulting in effective cost saving initiatives, and a gateway to next-gen productivity.

By deploying our rapid IoT retail warehouse solution, activate your ‘switched-off’ warehouse into a demand-aware warehouse. Implementing IoT creates opportunities for warehouse automation and robotics to drive both online and in-store consumer demand. Unlock the true value of supply and demand planning by monitoring consumer patterns in real-time, adjusting inventory management instantly to capitalise on a potential sale. That’s how you generate meaningful ROI in 6 months.

Not only can an IoT.nxt solution fix an immediate problem, but it can implement a strategy for optimised efficiency and productivity. The IoT.nxt solution aids in “extracting additional value from already tight margins that prevail in the retail space,” says COO of IoT.nxt, Chett Mahery. By deploying our retail solution in-line with food processing schedules, we are able to overlay over legacy systems with no disruption to production and connect every corner of your ecosystem.
“We’re helping retailers everywhere to manage the adverse effects of inflation by increasing efficiencies throughout the supply chain,” says Mahery, “and reducing the cost base of the retail industry to counteract price pressures from the consumer”.

It’s time to resolve your business challenges through our world-class innovation.

Are you ready for digitisation? IoT.nxt is.

Now, are you ready to digitise your supply chain? Don’t opt for a solution that will rip and replace your current legacy operation. Instead, choose a smart solution that can overlay, and reconfigure existing legacy systems, leveraging current structure, saving downtime and slashing costs.

Our IoT solution overlays any legacy system, creating a tech-agnostic landscape that generates meaningful ROI in 6 months. It’s cheaper and faster than you think. With no rip and replace, we know your supply chain is ready for rapid digitisation, and IoT.nxt is ready to implement an agile solution that grants you full-scope visibility of every asset.

It’s still your business. Only better.