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Staff returning to work? Reduce the hassle with solutions from IoT.nxt

Ensure safer, efficient and productive workspaces on one platform.

More and more people are returning to work, opting for a hybrid approach. Return to a safer, efficient and productive office while easily adhering to the Covid-19 protocols. Our Return-to-Work solutions will ensure employee and customer confidence when inside your buildings. In addition, office occupant comfort can be improved with access to valuable data insights.


In the UK, IoT.nxt has already implemented a smart building solution at Vodafone’s head office in Paddington, London, for which it recently received a Verdantix award for Smart Building Innovation. Read about this solution here


Space Booking

Need a space? Book it

Before heading into the office, view desk and room availability and book accordingly. On a single screen, employees will see all available and booked desks and meeting rooms. Perfectly plan office.

  • Block-out desks and meeting spaces for social distancing and cleaning.
  • Book Individual meeting spaces.
  • Book individual desks
Space Booking



Space Occupancy

Space Occupancy

A safe space for everyone

View the live status of any space or desk to determine if an area is overcrowded or fully booked. Enjoy a safe and productive office environment where employees can view the use of specific spaces. People are counted as they enter and exit rooms, thus always ensuring areas are safe with effective social distancing. Interested in cost savings as well? Benefit from our automatic Lighting and HVAC Control solutions, power on and off based on the number of occupants in the room.

  • Desk Occupancy – Real-time status of people presence at desks.
  • Space Occupancy – Automatically count people entering and leaving spaces.



Ambient Conditions

Comfort Control/Happier, healthier employees

Too cold, hot, dark, bright, loud or quiet? Automatically adjust the temperatures, light, sound, humidity and air quality levels in each room to improve employee wellness while at work. Also, reduce the utility bill with our automatic heat, light and humidity sensing offers.

  • CO2 levels
  • TVOC levels
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Sound Levels
  • Light Levels
  • Particle Matter
Ambient Conditions



Real-time Analytics

Real-time Analytics

All the data, all the insights

A safer and efficient workplace ensures your employees feel comfortable in their work environment. You can access and view all the data and insights of your office from any device. Manage your space efficiently and support work from home or hybrid models by collecting insights on space usage. The data can also be used for investment and planning decisions.

  • Historical Reports & analytics
  • Live dashboards
  • Real-time alert on thresholds