Run Of Mine Solution For Real-Time Data Insights

Vertical: Mining

Business Unit:Beneficiation Plant and Dispatch

Problem: The Run of Mine and production data needed to be retrieved timeously from a vast array of systems and equipment, and consolidated into a single dashboard in order to visualise actual production versus budget. The client was also unable to pinpoint when in their value chain their coal was going missing. Furthermore, a lack of real-time data made it difficult to improve labour and equipment efficiency.

IoT.nxt Solution: We developed and implemented a Run of Mine solution that gave the client real-time insight into their mining operations and mass flow measurement. We also integrated waste plants, weightomers, beneficiation plant and weigh bridged with various other subsystems to create a single, centralised operational overview, from which deep insights into productivity can be drawn.

Result: The client gained the ability to see real-time mass flow, production figures and dispatch amounts, enabling accurate, real-time decision making. The implemented solution gave the client visibility into areas of stock losses. Furthermore, visibility into plant production allowed for the deployment of real-time changes to targets.

Disruption to Productivity: The IoT.nxt solution was overlaid onto existing infrastructure without any downtime. Most business areas didn’t realise the system had been implemented. A Run of Mine tracking and visualisation solution within 6 weeks and the client saw returns within the first 3 months as a result of the total system efficiency being enhanced.