SA IoT start-up could see global expansion into the US

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November 8, 2017 | Less than a minute read


SA IoT start-up could see global expansion into the US
2017-11-08  – Kyle Venktess
Johannesburg – South African start-up IoT.nxt is aiming to further its global expansion into the US.

IoT.nxt CEO Nico Steyn and its chairperson, Wayne Fitzjohn, recently visited the US to introduce the IoT.nxt solution to possible partners.

Fitzjohn told Fin24 that the visit was a success and the Pretoria-based firm could soon partner with tech companies for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

IoT.nxt uses its secure field gateway device dubbed the “Raptor” which is interoperable with various input and output devices on the edge of networks.

A practical application of the tech could connect a company’s air conditioners, lifts, alarm systems and conveyor belts to the internet of things.

Subsequently, a company can then react faster when incidents occur and possibly save on costs.

Fitzjohn ‎told Fin24 that the company was strategically planning its next move to deal with providing unique solutions to companies abroad.

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