Safaricom partners with IoT.nxt

IoT.nxt has partnered with leading African telecoms giant, Safaricom, to introduce its IoT solutions across Africa in diverse industries.

This partnership will introduce IoT.nxt’s innovative technology to the enterprise customers of Safaricom, utilising its vast communications network to support the solutions focused on data extraction and data management in real-time. This will deliver efficiencies in industries and geographic areas not previously exposed to IoT technology.

In the first phase the focus will be on customers in Kenya, but the project will be expanded to offer the solutions to different countries in Africa in the future.
This is significant partnership for IoT.nxt as well as for Safaricom with the aim to deliver world-class technology to a range of businesses across the continent.

The combination of the two companies’ technology will provide solutions for different companies in diverse industries but in the initial stages the roll-out is focused on improving the management of utility services, smart buildings and asset tracking.

As part of the partnership project Safaricom will also introduce IoT.nxt’s CoVision application, which was developed in response to the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic delivered to companies. It helps companies with new operational challenges like social distancing and people monitoring and will help companies with the safe transition of operations as more people return to workplaces.