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Securing what you can’t see.

Every business endpoint has the potential for tracking, directly and indirectly, and collecting customer data, creating an unprecedented data network across the marketplace. But is that a bad thing?

“IoT.nxt is setting game-changing precedents for the power of IoT in security. Our DeviceDNA™ and SIEMconnector™ protect your data at the point of entry, providing true data security throughout your value chain. Security is vital for many when it comes to IoT and we’ve cracked it – our security solution secures data end-to-end so you can drive projects with peace of mind.

Benefits of using IoT.nxt

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Built-in Security

Protects data at the point of entry, enabling central control over large deployments.

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Threshold Management

Monitors security to ensure optimal operational efficiency within predetermined thresholds.

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Process Automation

Enables interconnectivity and interoperability between various processes by integrating into existing systems.

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Predictive Maintenance

Automatically triggers smart actions like service alerts and the equipment maintenance in real-time.

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Smart Monitoring & Testing

Maintains data integrity by tracking, monitoring and testing all interconnected devices under a single case management system.

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IoT.nxt in Action


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"What we particularly liked about IoT.nxt is that they have one, single interoperable solution that connects with any device - giving visibility to the complete chain"

Frank Snijders

ICT - Executive Digital Transformation

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