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  • Overview of website

IoT.nxt provides you with access to various resources, including testimonials from existing clients, press releases, information regarding career opportunities and a description of what our products do and about us in general. Our product websites and / or applications are comprised of:


Commander provides authorised users the ability to dynamically build web-based control centres, called Commander views. The Commander views visualises real-time and historical data from gateways, sensor, devices, and other third-party sources. Commander views can be set up in such a way that control over gateways, devices or external systems can be actuated, either through manual user intervention or through automated processes.

Workflow Studio

Workflow studio provides authorised users the ability to dynamically build graphical workflows through a web-based user interface. These workflows can take non-discretionary action based on the rules defined by the user during the configuration of the workflows.

Client Portal

The Client Portal provides authorised users the ability to manage clients, users, user security, user permissions, entities (logical layout of an enterprise), gateways, and devices.

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