The sky’s the limit: How Enaleni solves customer problems with IoT.nxt

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February 9, 2018 | 3 minute read


The sky’s the limit: How Enaleni solves customer problems with IoT.nxt

9  February 2018

The claim has been made time and again: Internet of Things (IoT) solutions will change the world. But for Enaleni Holdings, an engineering firm that specialises in project management and physical asset management, this is a truth they see in action every day. After making a strategic choice to incorporate and embrace IoT solutions into their portfolio, the level 1 BBBEE company has been solving problems for customers in new and exciting ways that matter.

“IoT is big in our business,” said Maxwell Nemutshili, Business Development Director at Enaleni. “It makes up about 25 percent at the moment and we are planning to ramp it up to close to 50 percent of the business by end of the year 2018.”

Such an ambitious target speaks to the market potential and reality that Enaleni, which means ‘place of abundance’, has experienced. Since taking on the mission to introduce the Fourth Industrial Revolution to its markets, the company has had great success in delivering enhanced value to both engineers on the ground and decision makers. This is particularly significant around physical asset performance tracking, an area Enaleni excels in, but has also delivered in other areas of the business.

“IoT technology is important to us,” explained Enaleni’s MD, Sicelo Myeni. “Our key focus is in physical asset management, so we see it as an enabler for us to be able to provide services to clients so that we can add value to their bottom line. Physical asset management data capturing previously has been predominantly a manual exercise in most cases, whereas now with the internet of things you are able to get realtime information tracking of that asset’s performance, whether it’s the location or utilisation.”

This is not merely enthusiasm for IoT. Enaleni has found that customers generally grasp the benefits of these new solutions. The challenge instead is that of delivery: can the solution be implemented quickly and cost-effectively? Such assurances are crucial to building and maintaining customer relationships, said Myeni:

“The importance of fastly deploying the technology is key. Clients want to see quick results, especially on the technology side where it’s new in the market. So if you go in there, if you bring technology that is slow to implement, people quickly lose hope and trust in the technology. You need to show results for people to buy in. The quicker you deploy and people see the results, the easier for clients to have a buy-in on the technology. The speed is very important.”

Such success hinges on the right partners. Both Myeni and Nemutshili underlined the importance of a partner reinforcing their ability to deploy the right solution quickly, at the right price and through interactions that align with Enaleni’s culture. Even though there are several IoT companies globally that can tick some of the boxes, only IoT.nxt meets all the requirements.

“IoT.nxt provides IoT platforms and with that we as Enaleni don’t have to develop that platform,” said Nemutshili. “But we can play a big role in customising that for our clients, and also doing the project management and integration of all different systems to the client. IoT.nxt fits in very well, because they are locally based and the cost to develop is quite lower. The other thing is the Raptor, which can integrate different devices and other systems.”

IoT.nxt’s proprietary Raptor bridging technology has been a huge advantage for Enaleni, which counts industries such as mines and chemical manufacturers as among their clients. These are industries with a lot of established investments that they want to elevate into the new era of real-time decision making. By utilising the Raptor and its ecosystem, Enaleni is capable of leveraging their own expertise without wringing hands over the nitty gritty of getting the established to communicate with the new.

“They understand the market, the South African market,” Myeni concluded. “Most of the guys there have got operational experience. So the solutions presented are practical. We’ve enjoyed a good working relationship, there’s a good understanding between Enaleni and IoT.nxt. There is an understanding from IoT.nxt that there is a big opportunity in the market with smart asset management in the different industries. The sky is the limit.”


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