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It’s time to ‘switch on’ your building.

The key to levelling up a facilities management offering isn’t more buildings, it’s smarter ones.

Facilities management companies look after buildings – big and small. Residential and commercial. Industrial and retail. As clients, and market trends, increasingly demand real-time solutions, how does a facilities management professional keep track of what’s happening in every building in the company portfolio without splitting themselves into a million pieces? The answer lies in a 375mm black screen.

Benefits of using IoT.nxt

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Increased Utility Efficiencies

Tracking of water, air-conditioning and electricity usage. Action real-time changes for cost saving and improved efficiency.

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Enhanced Security

Consolidate all security systems and features into a single view incorporating CCTV, access control, smoke detection and number plate recognition.

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Space Optimisation

Track available parking bays, occupied spaces, temperature levels, foot traffic, movement and more on to ensure buildings are used optimally.

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Doctor / Patient Planning

Expedited response times, coupled with more accurate location mapping and utility planning lead to improved patient satisfaction.

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Waste Management

Track the number of people that need to be catered for to cut down food wastage. Automatically schedule cleaning based on building usage.

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Predictive Maintenance

Automatically trigger smart actions like work orders, service alerts and the technical fine-tuning of equipment in real-time.

IoT.nxt in Action

Integration into current BMS systems to (PLC, SCADA, HVAC, generator, access control etc.) for a holistic digital view of premises and enable drive for efficiency and security.

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Monitor assets remotely, monitoring performance to ensure optimal operational efficiency within thresholds (leakages, flow, pressure, for example).

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"What we particularly liked about IoT.nxt is that they have one, single interoperable solution that connects with any device - giving visibility to the complete chain"

Frank Snijders

ICT - Executive Digital Transformation

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