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Smart Buildings

Is your building ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Efficient resource management to optimise the use of energy, water, security, space and, ultimately, the people they support – this is a crucial component for businesses and residential developments as we move into the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The answer is simpler and faster to implement than you think – IoT.

Tracking of water, air-conditioning and electricity usage and the ability to action real-time changes for cost saving and improved efficiency.

Ability to consolidate all security systems and features into a single view incorporating CCTV, access control, smoke detection and number plate recognition.

Tracking available parking bays, boardroom usage and employees present on any given day all ensure that buildings are used optimally. In a retail environment, foot traffic into and movement around malls can be analysed alongside heatmaps, noise and temperature levels and parking usage.

Expedited response times, particularly during emergencies, coupled with more accurate location mapping and utility planning lead to improved patient satisfaction.

Tracking the number of people in an office that need to be catered for cuts down on food wastage, and cleaning can automatically be scheduled based on office usage.

Automatically trigger smart actions like work orders, service alerts and the technical fine-tuning of equipment in real-time.