South Africa IoT.nxt approach

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August 1, 2016 | 1 minute read


South Africa IoT.nxt approach

1 August 2016

A South African startup, the former Pinnacle Africa, Gauteng MD, Nico Steyn heads IoT.nxt based in the Highveld Techno Park, Centurion, Gauteng, has unveiled a software and hardware platform for the IoT (Internet of Things) which serves as a primary big data aggregator and filter between edge devices and data analytics layer, essentially forming a conduit between the edge device and application layer.

Conceived as a technology-agnostic way for end-users to deploy best of breed technologies while ensuring interoperability and interconnectivity – between all the IoT deployed applications, devices, sensors, machines and people – the platform is made up of three primary components.

Firstly, to overcome the challenge of connecting any device to an IoT platform, IoT.nxt has designed and developed a gateway controller, the Raptor 1000, which allows devices to be connected and associations between them to be developed. It features a configurable hardware and software stack designed to support hundreds of analog or digital input and output devices.

The second element is Commander Software, delivering a single user interface and collaboration point for all the deployed applications and devices. Commander can be installed either as an on-site or a cloud-based enterprise solution.

Lastly, Workflow is a powerful, reusable visual business process modelling tool which provides a user-friendly interface for businesses to embed their business rules and processes. Once successfully completed, those rules defined in the workflow engine are injected into the Commander software, which then governs the behaviour and outcomes of devices and applications deployed within the platform.

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