Managing by exception: This is the key to reducing costs and increasing productivity for telcos

The problems facing businesses in the telecommunications sector are multi-faceted. At the centre lies limited clarity on incidents which result in repeat site visits by service providers. The knock-on effects of high operating costs and low productivity ripple across the value chain and operational managers sit stuck in black holes when the answer is just a click away.

Synergised asset interconnectivity is the key to unlocking the potential of your ecosystem. By potential, we mean rapid digitalisation, a tech-agnostic landscape and meaningful ROI in 6 months. That’s what the IoT.nxt solution can do for your business.

Success is bound to efficiency. When incident clarity is limited, costs are soaring and asset management is ineffective, achieving next-gen efficiency seems incomprehensible. If that’s what you’re thinking, it’s time for a smart IoT solution.

Marry next-gen ROI, with true interoperability and a tech-agnostic landscape. Your base station and your bottom line are ready to be transformed into a digital hub with our rapid IoT solution. When we implement a smart IoT solution, we connect every asset to form a web of hyper-interconnectivity that works towards next-gen efficiency and productivity. What does asset connectivity actually look like?

Real-time track & trace

Put aside your current legacy system, and think of the boundless potential of a connected base station. One that tracks and traces the availability of all assets in real-time. Think of the untapped potential that is currently rushing away. You see, when you activate in-shift optimisation across your business, every asset communicates and reacts to real-time events, reducing downtime and unnecessary labour costs. Track and trace every corner of your base station with our RaptorTM that underpins our smart IoT solution.

You don’t need to imagine the infinite possibilities of an interconnected base station, we’ll just show you. Imagine this: a site alert begins to flicker, and don’t manually assess the anomaly, your smart IoT platform detects the problem in real-time. Our smart IoT devices detect that the HVAC system requires repair, triggering an overheating warning, and simultaneously, alerting the right people in real-time. That’s seconds from detection to identifying the anomaly, saving crucial downtime.

Ever thought you could track & trace onsite inventory and theft management, off-site? You can, with IoT.nxt by your side. Our base station solution recognises inventory and theft management as a liable challenge in your business.

Following one implementation of our technology, our client now has the ability to see stock levels on site and manage by exception. Equipped with real-time notifications on all sub-systems and their KPIs, automated workflow for escalations and notifications to drive efficient proactive maintenance and replacement, the client now sees reduced costs and significantly increased productivity. Callouts have been prevented through hyper contextualised information, RFID tagging has reduced risk on assets, aided in the implementation of predictive maintenance and environmental control, and a multi-layered approach to monitoring has improved security. With zero disruption to business, the entire ecosystem was connected in just 3 weeks.

It’s time to have eyes on everything in real-time. Our IoT devices act as a shield, protecting your base station inventory and systems against attack, triggering alarms and alerting the right people in real-time.

Implement next-gen monitoring into your base station, with an agile IoT solution that can overlay onto your existing legacy systems. It’s cheaper and >faster than you think.

Monitor the health of every piece of equipment

Unlock the potential of your base station by achieving complete digitisation and interconnectivity, no matter the landscape. Our IoT platform displays relevant data collected in real-time from all connected assets, inspiring comprehensive reporting and evidence-based decision making.

Not only does real-time health monitoring cultivate innovation and forward-thinking strategy, but it also implements predictive maintenance, energy usage and temperature spikes. With our smart IoT on-site, you don’t have to be. Rapidly transform your base station into a digital hub, with a self-healing design that also future-proofs your business in a shifting marketplace.

Optimise every asset in your ecosystem

Our IoT.nxt platform connects every corner of your base station, including secondary power sources, radios, rectifiers, PIR, cameras, energy meters, and RIDF readers. This delivers real-time, hyper-contextualised data, inspiring asset optimisation and reducing unnecessary downtime.

Our integrated solution monitors every connected asset, collecting the right data to optimise overall performance. The IoT.nxt platform links together all your systems and sub-systems in a seamless aggregated IoT base station, creating a digital, self-healing hub that can run with minimal manual interference.

How IoT.nxt transforms your legacy base station into a digital hub

We agilely deploy our solution into any system, without unnecessary downtime, and uniquely implement a rapid solution that cements your base station in a shifting marketplace. Have concerns? Fair enough, but you see, we’ve thought of everything.

We don’t rip & replace

Are dated systems suffocating potential efficiency? Gear up your business for the future. Work with IoT.nxt, you don’t have to set aside your current system. It’s still your business. We don’t believe in wastage, we don’t rip and replace – we overlay our solution onto existing infrastructure, so it’s your business, only better,

We implement smart energy management

Our base station solution not only connects assets from radios to RFID readers, but we also interconnect devices with operational procedures like energy management. Connecting every corner of your base station, means we leverage real-time monitoring to optimise energy consumption. So, you can go green and help your bottom line! In an evolving market, it becomes essential to improve the efficiency of your supply, monitor current infrastructure, comply with regulations, and achieve a heightened customer experience.

The base station of the future is here

It’s time to grab it. The IoT.nxt team is ready to completely digitise your base station, connecting every asset, and converting hard work into meaningful ROI within 6 months. Decrease onsite visits with comprehensive, contextualised maintenance that predicts anomalies, adjusts systems in real-time and stores information for future protocol development.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Will you be a part of it? Contact our expert team today.