Telecommunications use case

Vertical: Telecommunications

Business Unit: Base station and every vertical within it

Problem: The client approached us with a multi-faceted problem. Essentially, inefficiencies with asset management, security, operational inefficiencies, fragmented databases, limited clarity on incidents and repeat site visits by service providers were all resulting in extremely high operating costs and low productivity.

IoT.nxt solution: We developed a seamless Base Station Experience powered through an aggregated IoT ecosystem that links all their systems and sub-systems, providing real-time, hyper contextualised information that aids business intelligence, process inefficiencies, proactive maintenance, reduced manual intervention and proactive incident management.

Result: Our client now has the ability to see stock levels on site and manage by exception. Equipped with real-time notifications on all sub-systems and their KPIs, automated workflow for escalations and notifications to drive efficient proactive maintenance and replacement, the client now sees reduced costs and significantly increased productivity.