Customer experience, or CX, is an important measure of a company’s success. Ideally, it needs to be good, but better if it’s excellent. CX directly leads to the advocacy of a company’s products and services. Conversely, a bad CX leads to a lack of customer advocacy, or even worse – the cancel culture mob calling for a product or service cancellation. Here at IoT.nxt, the focus is on the customer, we encourage a customer journey that instils value and real-world benefits through implementing our world-class IoT platform. Purchasing our products should not be a once-off event but rather a journey from problem to ideation to implementation of lasting value. So, grab a cuppa, kick back and enjoy this story of what a value-added IoT.nxt customer journey looks like. This could be you. Customer journeys are entrenched in emotions, and these feelings influence decision making, understanding, and the general outlook on the objectives to be achieved. It is, therefore, a personalized solution and service you get once engaging with us. The usual customer journey starts with a problem; others start with an improvement initiative, while some journeys are spawned from a strategic directive that will be realized in 5 years – the reasons are plentiful. Let’s put you, the reader, on this journey. You are faced with a problem and need a solution. Based on your research and information gathering, you make the excellent decision to allow IoT.nxt to solve your problem, so you get in touch with us through our many communication channels. A thoroughly trained sales lead contacts you, and the ball is set in motion. Initially, IoT.nxt will dedicate a customer success manager to the task with a dedicated sales and technical team to understand what we like to call the customer’s pain points – the issues, problems, and reasons you contacted us in the first place. Customer pain points You have allowed IoT.nxt’s team of professionals to have regular sessions with you and your teams to understand the issues you are facing. Onsite sessions and visits are often required to fully understand and take a deeper dive into the contributing factors to your problem, your business processes and more individual introductions and champion identifications if necessary. A champion is a knowledgeable employee in your team; it could be a c-suite executive or an engineer on the ground, someone who can be a single point of contact for our sales and solutions teams to verify and validify information about your company, processes, problems and ultimately, the solution. The skilled teams from IoT.nxt will gather as much information as possible to present a solution that will address your pain points. The tailored solution Once our teams are confident, we engage our solutions and product teams with our findings. We ensure the problem is fully understood before we throw solutions at it. Our customer success management, sales and technical teams are well versed in our solutions. Award-winning IoT platform is technology agnostic so that we can add it to any existing or new technology implemented at your business. As well as our solutions are interoperable so that we can integrate with new and older technologies, and this is where our IoT platform ensures a tailored solution dedicated to your business’ needs and unique problems. We focus on the information we’ve gathered, and we quantify the benefits of our solution concerning your pain points. You’re blown away by the amount of information we’ve managed to gather in such a short time and you’re optimistic about the solution and its personalized focus on your specific problems. Your team is convinced, you’re more eager to see all these promises become reality – we move on to the commercial phase… Commercialization You research IoT.nxt and you find media articles of an IoT company with a meteoric rise to fame, an IoT platform with a myriad of awards, and massive backing from industry giants Vodafone and Vodacom. “These giants partnered with IoT.nxt; there must be value in this IoT platform”, you think. The team shared a list of testimonials from c-suite executives praising the agility and accuracy with which the solutions were implemented at their companies; they sing high praises for the benefits realized. You scour the IoT.nxt website, tech blogs, and news outlets – its success story after success story. After the dust settles, you mail the customer success manager and make one of the best decisions for your company. Solutions are agreed upon, and payment terms understood and accepted. Up to now, you’ve lived with your pain points, nursing it, lying awake at night wondering when these problems will ever disappear. Implementation, delivery, and support…the story of value manifests IoT.nxt builds the solution with goals in mind – rid our customers of pain points and realize benefits that will leave a lasting memory of excellence, agility, smart technology and most importantly, value. It is not uncommon for our customers to realize benefits immediately while completely solving the problems experienced. The benefits realization and pain point reduction are excellent goals we strive to achieve with each implementation of our IoT platform, but of equal importance is the opportunity we have to create a relationship with our customers. Long-lasting relationships mean you can depend on our highly skilled support teams that operate remotely and our excellent Community resources that educate the customers on our products and services, updates, and features. In addition, this relationship means our customer success management will ensure the full utilization of your solution so that you can realize the ROI and see the value of your purchase. You get a timeous update on the implementation from the project team. Your employees are excited; everyone is talking about the data they never knew they had, the power to make decisions with accurate, near real-time information. Your teams are trained to use the platform – the various applications such as the Commander™ Dashboard, which is fully customizable to your needs, the Commander™ Portal where Digital Twins and alarming and other trigger-based events can be configured. Our Raptor™ gateway technology integrates old technology with newer technology, communicates over a myriad of protocols and can be implemented anywhere – onsite or in the cloud – yours or ours. These, and our other IoT technologies are what your employees are talking about. You realize that you can now predict, you can automate, and you can move away from your pain points and move your company into a digital era. After implementation, your teams report that the new information they have at their disposal has made their jobs more efficient. They praise the technical support and training resources IoT.nxt has provided. Your teams report that the machine learning models they’ve built can lead to significant savings and efficiencies. Your teams show you views and displays of your company process that leaves you with few words; all you can muster is ‘amazing’. Your teams speak a new language; they use words you’ve never heard them speak before – value, insight, real-time, savings. They commend you for leaping into the future. You get the usual check-in call from the IoT.nxt customer success manager and solutions architects that worked alongside you and your team… You feel looked after; you feel like you’ve won. Often, you think back to the nights you wondered and stressed about your company troubles, reading about the competition’s move towards a digitalized business. You used to think that you’ll need to completely replace your legacy systems just to address your pain points, and you realize that you have made the best decision for your company – you decided to allow IoT.nxt to show you the value locked away in your business. A smart decision that leads to a smarter business…You smile as you read the IoT.nxt slogan – ‘it’s still your business, only smarter’. Download the customer journey booklet here 


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