A Retail IoT Solution that Ensures the Value of your Stock Every Step of the Way

To stay relevant in an increasingly competitive digitalised world, it is vital for every ecosystem within each industry to adopt a strategy to monitor and track value in real-time. Retail is no different.

With progress thwarted by a lack of communication between existing legacy systems, stock theft and manualised monitoring – operation-wide synergy is vital for businesses wanting to unlock the true value of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the retail landscape. Interconnectivity of every single asset allows businesses to leverage the performance of each device, achieving real-time tracking and monitoring of valuable stock.

How can a business achieve operational synergy in a non-disruptive, optimal, affordable and effective way? With the backing of a bespoke, hyper-contextualised IoT solution created with the challenges of their unique ecosystem in mind. A solution, like IoT.nxt.

If your business doesn’t have an effective stock theft management strategy in place, you’re currently manually tracking anomalies, or worse, the effectiveness of your operations is plagued by legacy systems. So, it’s time to contact the IoT.nxt team.

Retain the value of your stock

In any retail sector, the value of your stock is retained in its quality. So, it becomes a question of how to marry quality control maintenance while simultaneously optimising it for transportation and scalability. From cooking to pickling, liquifying and emulsifying, loss in stock value through equipment malfunctions, theft or stock mismanagement can run your bottom line into the ground. Minimising such anomalies is the key to unlocking untapped potential bubbling beneath your business. IoT.nxt is ready to rapidly deploy a tailored IoT solution that manages stock, stamps out manual monitoring and transforms your legacy system.

Managing stock theft

One of the most common business challenges facing retail ecosystems, specifically refrigeration sectors, is efficient stock theft management. From truck to fridge, IoT.nxt is ready to equip your operations with smart, self-learning IoT devices that leverage existing legacy systems to reduce unnecessary downtime, and effectively manage stock theft.

The IoT.nxt solution gives the power to you by implementing an effective stock theft strategy with live GPS tracking, real-time temperature monitoring, door position sensors and micro-asset monitoring. By retrofitting your current equipment models with cutting-edge IoT devices, we can provide vital real-time visualisation and historical reporting on asset parameters to protect stock value.

Drive past manualised monitoring

Protecting the value of your stock comes down to physically safeguarding your assets, but also deploying real-time monitoring to ensure quality control. Manualised monitoring in your ecosystem limits the potential of your entire operation. It leaves assets vulnerable to unpredictable anomalies, and wasteful downtime. In a marketplace where digitisation is king, can you afford these time and money sucking vulnerabilities?

Swap out manualised monitoring and tracking for real-time, hyper-contextualised surveillance. Not only does it deter anomalies almost immediately but applies a self-healing design to reduce future warnings, and as a result, eliminate harmful downtime.

Transform your legacy systems

The thought of digitisation probably conjures images of rip and replace – overhauling your current systems to make way for the latest and greatest, only to have to repeat the process five years down the track. Think again, and choose IoT.nxt. We overlay our tailored IoT retail solution onto existing legacy equipment and systems, so you can forget about rip and replace.

No one knows your stock like YOU. You know what’s best for your business, and that includes the existing systems you built. So, we don’t let anything go to waste. We reduce deployment downtime and program our devices to overlay onto your current technology.

Not only do we ensure the value of your stock throughout the entire supply chain by overlaying onto existing systems, but we also deploy a technology-agnostic solution. In other words, we custom select the right technology for the job, achieving seamless interconnectivity and interoperability between assets. This allows us to give you a complete, digital overview of your retail supply chain, from the warehouse to the forefront.

Beyond the warehouse

Our IoT solution equips your ecosystem with technology that is with your stock every step of the way. Whether your ecosystem lives in the factory or the fryers, the comprehensive IoT.nxt solution ensures stock value is retained from the top down. We implement the IoT.nxt platform across your systems, installing effective usage monitoring, security and device management, communicating with forefront shelves, analysing customer behaviour and as a result, informing customer satisfaction solutions.

The IoT.nxt Difference

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution knocking on your door, you need the right team to prepare your retail ecosystem for the call. The IoT.nxt team is revved and ready to leverage your existing systems and gear them towards next-level digitisation to ensure the value of your stock is retained in real-time.

Rapid deployment

IoT.nxt deploys rapidly using a library of driver protocols so legacy equipment is connected quickly, without prior programming – it’s a simple drag and drop solution. Rapid deployment that reduces downtime and optimises existing systems without stock value disruption is a staple of an IoT.nxt solution.

Meaning ROI

You may hear IoT and think expensive. We get it. The implementation of new technology tends to carry large expenses. But, when you work with IoT.nxt, implementation is cheaper and faster than you think. With a strict no rip and replace policy, we deploy rapidly, positioning your business for meaningful ROI, and future cost-saving initiatives. Our IoT solution overlays any legacy system, creating a tech-agnostic landscape that generates meaningful ROI in 6 months.

It’s your business, only better. Connect with the IoT.nxt team today and see how we can create an IoT retail solution for your business.


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