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The challenge

Vodacom approached IoT.nxt to help with the implementation of a dynamic system to address security and stock management concerns at their new Vodacom World facility.

Vodacom World was set to stock large volumes of expensive electronic products that were difficult for store management to account for and posed a high risk of theft.

Primary pain points

Asset Tracking
Store Security
Stock Taking & GRV

Asset Tracking

To track the movement of stock at Vodacom World, IoT.nxt helped Vodacom to create a new asset tracking system by integrating RFID technology with the Point of Sales (POS) system. This provided a data orchestration layer in support of various RFID back-end services to ensure data flow between onsite hardware and integration with the POS system.

By tracking the movement of RFID tags on products, the RF reader acted as a reference point for the POS metadata status on every product’s journey through the retail life cycle.

Store Security

Using RFID technology, IoT.nxt established an alert system that would notify relevant parties when stock was unlawfully removed from the Vodacom World facility. The RFID solution used the POS metadata to monitor status changes and trigger alarms for all unsold tag IDs within range of the demarcated security parameter. Additionally, we provided an alarm view at all exits, with audio and visual alarm notifications to allow for security intervention where possible.

Stock Taking & GRV

Using RFID handheld technology & not manual inputs, IoT.nxt’s solution integrated with multilayer reader technology to provide an off-premises solution hosted in the cloud. This allowed for data uploads to sync with POS data for stock-taking purposes. As part of this process, IoT.nxt supplied Vodacom with RFID hardware, RFID Tags, Readers, Antennas and handheld scanners.


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