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The challenge

The problems experienced at the Paddington building were typical of those faced by any building owner or business. The existing systems certainly improved the user experience, but the systems functioned in silos resulting in countless of problems. Technology is widely used throughout the building to track people movement and building occupancy, monitor the environmental conditions in and outside the building, a system to book desk space and a separate system to book meeting rooms – different systems from different vendors presented an interoperability and integration issue.

The IoT.nxt platform was deployed in this environment with the objectives of:

  • Creating a single platform that integrated the platforms mentioned above and would enable the addition of future systems.
  • Creation of UI’s to improve building occupant experience.
  • Enable real-time views and historical analysis of system data to improve space planning, ensure environmental health, and ensure compliance with Covid 19 protocols.

Primary pain points

Space Management


The solution

The V-Raptor™ was deployed remotely in the cloud; therefore, all integrations were done without the need to visit the site extending the cost-benefit of the project. The result was a consolidated view of selected system data in contextual dashboards displaying in near real-time. The solution enables the expansion and integration with future systems, future-proofing the client from vendor lock-in and facilitating the monitoring of system data

Space Management

By using infrared sensors, the IoT.nxt platform can monitor, anonymously, the occupancy levels inside the building at any given time and at all areas of the building. The solution can generate reports on space usage and improve space planning and investment decisions based on actual movement data. We established an occupancy monitoring solution that can be used to control building loads based on occupancy in future.


The focus on Paddington building occupants’ safety and experience was a vital deliverable on this project. The solution included a single interface that allowed building users to:

• Find spaces to use in a flexible/hot-desking environment;

• Locate specific areas in the building to work in;

• Locate available meeting rooms to use;
The solution also enabled building management and HR to ensure building occupancy was below required thresholds during the Covid-19 lockdown by reporting on actual data – thus ensuring employee safety. We improved the visibility of the internal environmental conditions to reassure occupants that they are in a healthy workspace by monitoring the air quality, therefore, guaranteeing the building occupants’ experience is as comfortable as possible.


The solution monitors energy at a circuit level of all identified end points. Availability of this data increases the building occupants’ awareness of their impact on the environment and drive a movement towards sustainability.

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The integration capabilities of the V-Raptor™ was showcased on this project as all relevant systems were integrated in the space of 3 to 4 weeks! With rapid deployment features, the IoT.nxt platform allows businesses to action a digitalisation strategy with little to no disruption to current operations. IoT.nxt has developed a world-leading platform that makes efficiencies, cost savings and increased revenue from IoT a reality for Vodafone. The IoT.nxt platform is technology agnostic, which overcomes the challenge of creating a completely interconnected, interoperable value chain. This solution addressed the needs of Vodafone’s Paddington head office directly with a multitude of innovative outcomes and benefits that can be replicated at any building. Whether you want to ensure your employees return to work safely, reduce carbon footprint, cost, or improve the management and maintenance of your building – IoT.nxt smart building solutions are ready to be deployed.


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