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The challenge

Vodafone UK approached IoT.nxt to help with the implementation of a smart building system at their Paddington facility that would consolidate their multiple tracking systems.

Each system had its own management system and operational platform, impacting not only efficiency but building occupant comfort and energy consumption across the building.

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In order to deliver Vodafone with an effective end-to-end solution, IoT.nxt installed virtual V-RaptorTM technology onsite to integrate into the various subsystems already in use. The information from these devices is now filtered, analysed and then sent to IoT.nxt’s Commander platform.

From the IoT.nxt Commander platform, various system views are now available to occupants of the building and building managers, streamlining information and alerting managers if any thresholds are breached.

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To improve resource allocation and the comfort of staff within the Paddington facility, IoT.nxt solution combined BMS technology with sensors and IP-enabled cameras. This has given Vodafone live occupancy counts, as well as real-time data on air quality, water quality, temperature and humidity in the building.

Each of these factors are now independently monitored and managed, helping to prevent overcrowding and any harmful changes to the environment.

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To minimise energy consumption in the building, IoT.nxt’s solution provides operators of the Vodafone Paddington facility with information about energy consumption usage and patterns.

By gathering data from all sub-counters present in the facility, IoT.nxt’s solution enables Vodafone to see a complete picture of the building’s energy consumption, including how much energy is being used, where and why – at any time of the day.

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Implemented anywhere, the IoT.nxt solution can become an enabler for optimal results across all business operations. Operational requirements, tied in with big data unlocks the opportunities for organisations to move into the future – and beyond. It transforms buildings into virtual power generators by allowing operators to have a 360 view of the building’s every unique system. IoT.nxt’s solution will be a key component of a future where technology and human ingenuity collaborate to produce truly intelligent buildings in our world.

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