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A connected mine is an efficient mine. Full-scale visibility of your ecosystem includes asset management, maintenance assessments, next-level productivity and safety convergence. IoT.nxt can enhance existing ecosystems by connecting RaptorTM into mining assets, supplementing legacy infrastructure with expert sensors, and monitoring connected assets in real-time. You can leverage a digitised ecosystem to future-proof your business and retain relevance after implementation.

Energy Management

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The applications for sustainability and energy management in IoT implementation are boundless. With IoT technology becoming the staple for future operational systems, energy management plays a crucial role in future-proofing any ecosystem, cementing not only your business relevance but public infrastructure, too.

Recently, a major metropolitan school district in the US, incorporating 269 schools, have chosen IoT.nxt to manage energy reform, creating a greener future. Rebuilding or renovating legacy systems can generate a healthier learning environment, a portal to introduce energy efficient philosophy into the curriculum, and create cost-effective, energy efficient solutions.

Oil & Gas

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The current legacy systems in Fuel logistics cannot sustain, nor fulfil the potential of operational efficiency from depot to forecourt. IoT.nxt can unlock the potential of your Oil & Gas ecosystem, creating a seamless connected process, closing the gap between the edge and core operations.

An IoT.nxt solution can address the lack of visibility across the downstream supply chain, revitalising legacy systems and reducing downtime to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.


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With outdated legacy systems and unmarked potential haunting telecommunication ecosystems, it’s time for an IoT.nxt solution. IoT.nxt can implement smart IoT platforms, connecting multiple connects, with no rip and replace. We overlay onto existing systems, to reduce downtime and retain what you’ve already built. It’s your business, only better.

Dell, Microsoft and IoT.nxt have joined forces to create an IoT solution that reconfigures your ecosystem, producing a truly integrated structure with real-time monitoring of all sub-systems.