Vodacom partners with IoT.nxt

Vodacom Group acquired a majority stake in IoT.nxt in 2019 as part of its strategy to significantly accelerate Vodacom’s Internet of Things (IoT) strategy and transform its dedicated IoT business unit. Vodacom has identified IoT as a key strategic growth area for the Group. Following the acquisition Vodacom and IoT.nxt have worked in several joint projects and in the future will collaborate across the full IoT value chain and develop
best-in-class solutions for clients across a number of industry verticals.

The partnership will deliver a number of advantages to Vodacom’s existing IoT capability, including class-leading platform technology.

Vodacom can now better orchestrate the information obtained from sensors and edge devices as well as further scale its IoT business across multiple verticals.

Through the partnership IoT.nxt is now able to combine the power of its technology and the considerable strength of Vodacom’s capabilities, footprint and brand. IoT.nxt delivers significant technical differentiation and allows Vodacom to leverage the technology across all industries, allowing for both scalability and rapid time-to-market.