If assets could talk, what would they say? IoT.nxt brings you a series of webinars examining the power of smart IoT strategy in a range of commercial and industrial industries. From Telecommunications to Mining – find out how IoT.nxt’s dynamic solution can deliver a clear overview of what’s happening in every part of your business ecosystem, without disrupting operations.

IoT.nxt Smart Building Solution

Is it time to switch on your building? In IoT.nxt’s first free webinar, our experts in Energy and Facilities Management discuss how valuable assets are given a voice through end-to-end IoT.nxt solutions. Learn about workspace analytics, meeting room / hot desk utilization, environmental monitoring and more.

Featured Presenters: Riaz Kharodia (Technical Sales Specialist and Solution Architect), Zahir Mamoojee (Vertical Head of Smart Buildings & Energy Management)


IoT.nxt Intelligent Cell Site Solution

In this webinar, our experts walk you through the challenges, proven benefits and solution offerings of IoT.nxt’s Telecommunication Solution. Including the integrations and linking of all systems and sub-systems into a seamless aggregated IoT Base Station ecosystem.

Featured Presenters: Brendan Stott (Head Solutions Architect), André Strauss (Chief Commercial Officer)


IoT.nxt Mining Solution

In this webinar our experts bring you modern methods of implementing strategies without substantial capital outlay and investment. Mine management and control centre teams of the past had little to no real-time insight into the performance outputs of their production vehicles. Or did they?

IoT.nxt brings you a solution that directs the workforce management and production targets through an end to end solution. Offering better workforce and machine management, production output, planning and forecasting.

Featured Presenters: Letitia De Beer (Solutions Architect), Xander Coetzee (Programme Manager and IoT Specialist), Brett Grobbelaar (Industrial Vertical Business Lead), Mark Beets (General Manager), David Mothwa (Business Analyst)

CoVision Webinar

Since the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, data and data collection have become crucial parts of organisational operations globally. In the current economic climate, this is particularly pertinent for businesses that rely on foot traffic to keep them profitable. With the world changing and developing at a record pace, many businesses are already finding it difficult to remain ahead of the curve, that’s without a global pandemic at play. Meet CoVision!